four-i Newsletter Issue 410

Quiet leadership. In a letter dated April 1887, John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, described his concerns about the church and the monarchy: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 409

Wizard or Prophet? Seth Godin recommended reading ‘The Wizard and the Prophet’ by Charles C Mann. It’s the tale of two men: William Vogt (Prophet) and Norman Borlaug (Wizard) and how their polar opposite views of the world influence the choices we must make today to impact the four huge challenges we face: food, water, […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 408

Habit #1. I have a ritual to conclude my annual planning process. After working on my various business plans, personal finances, holidays, family and social goals, fitness plan, personal development and other targets, I review it all and seek a single word to summarise the direction I’m heading in. I do this as it enables […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 407

Hangout. In the last month, I’ve delivered 18 hours of presentations to full members of the property portal, On the Market. The sessions covered all the main learnings from 20+ years of coaching business owners and senior directors. The content has been inspired and influenced by some great people: Jim Collins Stephen R Covey Stephen […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 406

Covid Lesson #32 (Response-Able) Everyone has been affected to one degree or another. Of course, if you’ve lost a loved one, had a business fail, or had some other truly awful experience, then it’s understandable that your response will be very different to those who’ve swerved the serious symptoms of the virus or only been […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 405

Digital location. Most businesses have always been based in physical buildings. Indeed, it’s a legal requirement for a limited company to have a registered office, a place where notices, etc. can be served. But for a decade or longer, and of course now massively accelerated by the pandemic, many people work remotely. Up to now […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 404

Mental or Emotional? Josh Phegan posed an interesting question to our Future Leaders Group last week – he asked, “When someone says they’re experiencing mental health issues, could it in fact be emotional issues?” “Semantics” some of you might be thinking but let’s consult the dictionary to settle that: Mental 1. Relating to the mind […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 403

For or Against? For a quarter of a century, Gallup has carried out research into employee engagement. Their global survey measures many aspects of work as seen through the eyes of employees and covers all sectors. The answers to the 12 questions Gallup have consistently asked, reveal whether an employee is: A. Engaged B. Not […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 402

  Cultural change.   Often misattributed to management guru Peter Drucker, I’ve expanded the quote: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” to go further: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast, culture eats systems for lunch, culture eats brand for dinner.” In simple terms, I believe that in the long term, culture is the most important factor in […]

four-i Newsletter Issue 401

Motivation. I’m often asked, “Are you a motivational speaker?” I used to reply, “No, in fact no one is.” But now I just say, “Sure, what are you after.” That might sound lazy, but it avoids a 10 minute discussion, and allows us to get to the “meat and potatoes”. You see, no one can […]