What are the issues that are holding you back?

Peter Knight has worked with over 500 estate agency businesses over the past 20 years, helping them to achieve their potential.

Experience shows that whilst every individual, business & market is unique, there are a number of common opportunities and challenges that are faced by estate agency business leaders.

  • Are you wondering how to develop your leadership style – including how to adapt during the transition into the next normal?
  • Do you want access to advice and support throughout the Covid crisis and beyond to help ensure you not only survive, but are in the best shape to enable you to thrive?
  • Do you wish your sales activity could be more effective?
  • Do you want to spend less time dealing with problematic team-members and more time developing your best people?
  • Do you want to build and maintain your brand?
  • Do you need to create and communicate a clear point of difference to gain competitive advantage?
  • Are you suffering from the growing pains associated with expansion?
  • Are you wondering how to manage costs without reducing service?
  • Would you like advice on how to deal with industry-related change?
  • Do you sometimes question whether you’re making the best decisions?
  • Do you wish you had someone to bounce your ideas and thoughts off?

Members benefit from access to the best business minds to help solve their issues, get a different perspective and make better decisions as a result.

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Effective Leadership Coaching with Proven Results

Business Coach and Property Academy Founder, Peter Knight introduces you to some of our Leadership Group Members, as they share how they have benefitted.

Success is never achieved alone. The most inspiring leaders in any field have people that they turn to. Success is easier to achieve, maintain and repeat when you have the best team around you. Membership of a Leadership Group provides you with access to experts from different fields – all of whom have proven strategies and techniques that will help you to be the best you can be.

Membership includes the following benefits:

  • Visit 5 different estate agency businesses each year to experience and learn from other businesses.
  • Discuss your challenges and opportunities and benefit from the experience, ideas and recommendations of other business owners.
  • Take part in 10 live webinars a year with respected business practitioners and coaches from the UK and overseas on subjects including, strategic management, strategic execution, new prospecting techniques for more effective sales, how to be more persuasive, how to create high performance teams and much more. This is your opportunity to take part in master-classes with individuals who work at board level with some of the most successful businesses.
  • Access an archive of sessions via the Members’ Hub.
  • Download valuable materials including workbooks, scripts and step-by-step guides that make it simple for you to implement what you’ve learned.
  • Attend quarterly ‘clinics’ with Property Academy’s trusted advisors, helping you to build & future proof your business by providing guidance on Marketing, HR, Economics and Governance.
  • Participate in our ‘All Members’ event. A highlight of the calendar year – the first day is an optional social occasion designed to facilitate networking and relationship building & culminates in a dinner with motivational speaker. Day two provides a day of structured learning and further opportunities for members to network with some of the most forward-thinking estate agency and supplier leaders in the sector.
  • Choose between membership of a dedicated lettings group vs. sales and/or lettings.
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1-1 Consultation
All new members will receive a 1-1 consultation with business coach Peter Knight.
(Private consultations are normally charged at £900 per hour).

That’s not all!

Members of our Leadership Groups also receive:

• Weekly Members Only Tips
Ideas to improve your people, systems and brand leadership, written exclusively for members by experienced estate agency coach Peter Knight.

MOT Emails 2021

• Monthly Book Reviews
We provide our members with a desk folder and each month send easy to digest summaries of the most important business books. Designed to save you time and provide the key takeaways and actions from notable business authors, and how they apply to estate agency.

• Featured Books
We read over 150 books a year. We select and send our favourite books to inspire our members over the key holiday periods.

• Monthly Trends Analysis
Track your key performance metrics on our Member Portal and compare your results with other group members to identify strengths to share and areas to improve.

• Annual Home Moving Trends, Landlord & Tenant Surveys
Participation in the industry’s biggest consumer survey, plus your customer responses compared with the national average.


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• Live Events
Priority notice and booking on tickets for Property Academy events, including the property industry’s most prestigious conference The EA Masters with free upgrade to VIP status.

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Connections that deliver results

The experience, quality and diversity of experts is what makes Property Academy stand out from other peer group formats.

Imagine having access to a team of remarkable individuals, all helping you to overcome your challenges and providing you with a blueprint for achieving a more successful future.

Our members enjoy interactive workshops with the very best leadership coaches in the country as well as a chance to interact with some of the property industry’s most inspirational and successful estate agents.

Peter Knight
Identify and master the issues that are stopping you from realising your potential.

Former MD of Jackson Property Services, Peter spearheaded the agency’s growth from 3 to 34 branches and then to 125 branches, following its sale to Halifax Property Services. He went on to become an award-winning speaker, author of best-selling business book, the Highly Effective Marketing Plan and in-demand estate agency business coach in the UK, USA and Australia.

Expert Business Coaches

Steve Rawling

Grab people’s attention and make sure your message gets heard above the noise.

Steve is an ex-BBC journalist, author and communication expert who reckons he has told over 20,000 stories in his career in one of the BBC’s busiest newsrooms.

He can walk into any situation, speak to any person and come away with a story about them that makes sense to the widest possible audience.

David Smith

Understand the link between bad leadership behaviour and the health and performance of your workforce.

David has over 35 years corporate experience of change management and he was instrumental in the transformation of Asda from a bankrupt, broken business to a highly successful retailer. David and his team led many of the changes which created a highly productive performance based culture, and laid the foundations for commercial success.

Ken Allison

Protect your business whilst staying compliant in an inclusive environment.

Ken uses his understanding of managing businesses to show managers what they ‘can do’ rather than what they ‘cannot do’. He combines a background in line management, corporate HR and personnel, and seven years as Head of HR Consulting for a major law firm, to deliver practical solutions that improve performance.

Chris Paton

Understand the difference between a strategy and a plan and how to link the two for maximum effect.

Chris is a strategy, planning and change specialist who implements higher performance in a wide range of organisations. He is one of the UK’s premier exponents of wargaming and was contracted by Shell to wargame their plans for decommissioning oil platforms in the North Sea. He has also provided wargames for the NHS, Waitrose, Co-op and other corporates.

Robbie Anderson

Manage your inner chimp using this incredibly powerful mind management model and become a happier and healthier person.

Robbie is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Member Status Psychologist and has consulted with Professor Steve Peters for over a decade. Robbie believes that people have huge potential and demonstrates a real passion for helping them to unlock their talent, improve their performance and to achieve successful outcomes in extremely challenging environments.

Pete Wilkinson

Create a world-class One Page Action Plan and maximise your effectiveness every day.

Pete helps CEOs, senior managers and teams create an achievable business action plan to hit targets and reach goals. He is massively passionate about professional people achieving their potential and spends his time business coaching and supporting Chief Executives and Managing Directors in a range of businesses.

Glen Daley

Learn what you should be measuring in your business and how to track and predict performance.

Glen is an established business strategy speaker with an engaging and motivational presentation style. Following a 20 year career in the financial services industry which embraced sales, sales management, project and change management experience. Glen has spent more than a decade working as an independent consultant in the areas of leadership and organisational development.

Mark Robb

Maximise engagement and get people to bring their best self to work.

Mark’s passion is helping individuals and teams to become the best version of themselves, underpinned by the belief that outstanding organisational performance is the key to supporting individuals to reach their potential. Specialising in increasing human and organisational performance, Mark has extensive experience creating and delivering leadership development and change management solutions.

Rob Whitaker
Discover a fresh approach to prospecting that will make your sales activity more effective.

With 25 years’ experience in selling and managing sales teams, Rob is a top sales performer. He has re-engineered sales, creating a new management process, new forecasting and measurement tools & new selling approaches. He works at board level with firms across many different sectors due to a track record of quadrupling performance.

Roger Martin-Fagg
More accurately assess the risks and opportunities for you and your business.

Roger is the authority when it comes to successfully predicting the impact of economic trends on UK industry sectors. He is hugely influential and in high demand, working with the CEOs of several leading global corporations. He has written more than 12 articles for Harvard Business Review, writes regular columns and blogs for The Washington Post and The Financial Times, is Director of the AIC Institute for Corporate Citizenship and sits on the board of Thomson Reuters.

Elizabeth Mills
Stop spending your limited time dealing with employee issues and start unlocking the potential of your best people.

Elizabeth is a highly esteemed HR professional, trainer and speaker. She delivers consultancy services to over 200 SME business owners, turning their businesses around and supporting them to grow and achieve great success through the performance of their people.

Richard Mullender
Be more persuasive and get more of what you want.

Richard is former lead trainer at the National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit, Scotland Yard. He has successfully negotiated the release of hostages from the Taliban in Afghanistan and saved countless lives, responding to the 200 or more suicide incidents that are reported in London each year.

Industry Leaders and Legends

Josh Phegan
Visualise your business more clearly than ever before.

Internationally renowned speaker, trainer and coach for high performance real estate agents. He personally coaches some of the who’s who in the real estate industry, with his most successful sales agent writing $570m in sales, $10.2m in fees and 196 transactions per annum.

2021 Peter Rollings Headshot

Peter Rollings
Build a phenomenal team and continually innovate.

Peter is former Managing Director of Foxtons and CEO of Marsh & Parsons. His leadership strength lies in his ability to unite teams behind a common goal. After selling M&P for £53 million, he now applies his business acumen to roles that include advisor to Inventure Recruitment LLC , US-based recruitment firm; non-exec at Sherry FitzGerald, the agency that helped him buy and expand Marsh & Parsons; investor in Viewber, the outsourced property viewings company.

Dale Norton
Understand the systems and processes needed to build a great business.

Dale founded the Berkshire-based Romans Group in 1987 at just 21 years of age and sold it in 2013 to Bowmark Capital for a record multiple of £50m. Dale achieved success by building great systems and processes and shares the formula that he created over 25 years experience with Property Academy Leadership Group Members to help them simultaneously grow their business and achieve record profits.

Frank Webster
Build a highly effective lettings business.

Frank is one of the industry’s most universally respected figures. As Vice Chairman of Oxfordshire-based Finders Keepers, he helped build one of, if not the most impressive lettings firms in the country. Following its acquisition by Countrywide in 2016, Frank established FC Webster Consultancy, where he campaigns for higher standards and greater professionalism in lettings and coaches the industry’s future leaders.

David Pollock
Create a business culture that gets the best from your people.

David founded London estate agency Greene & Co in 1984 and sold it to Hamptons in 2015 for what Property Industry Eye described as an “eye watering figure”. He is regarded as one of the most innovate people in estate agency, who successfully applied many lessons from retail – in particular, building a culture-led brand like few others. David is now a Partner at Union Developments, a marketing firm specialising in the property development sector.

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