Solid Performance.

Solid Performance

Last week, Property Academy members had the third webinar in a series we’ve delivered with sports psychologist Robbie Anderson (who’s part of Professor Steve Peters’ “Chimp Management” team). Robbie currently oversees the National Performance Programme for England Rugby and he also works with many professional and Olympic athletes as well as business leaders with the […]

The Seven Ages.

The Seven Ages

Twenty years ago, Robert Jones wrote a book titled: ‘The Big Idea’. I hated it because it was almost word for word what I’d been working on getting published. Recently I picked it up again and having got over my jealousy found it to be as relevant today as two decades ago, (even if the […]

Chimp Managment.

Chimp Management

Robbie Anderson, (of Chimp Management, the business founded by Professor Steve Peters, author of ‘The Chimp Paradox’), spoke last year at EA Masters and is now engaging with our members over three exclusive sessions to expand on the concept of managing our “inner chimp”. During the first session last week he said something that really […]

Short Trousers.

Last week, one of our top speakers, David Smith (former People, IT and Loss Prevention Director at ASDA), spoke with our ‘Future Leader’ Members and made a point that’s so simple and easy, (yet unfortunately not nearly common enough) that I wrote it down in my CX4.0 folder and am pleased to share it with […]

Tom Peters latest.

Tom Peters is one of the best known business visionaries of all time. In the last 50 years, he’s written a dozen or more books since graduating from Cornell and Stanford. I’ve heard him speak live five times and on one of those occasions enjoyed a conversation where he was very kind to comment on […]

Planning & Preparation.

Planning & Preparation

I’ve been coaching all our members through the four stages of this crisis: 1. Confront the brutal reality (that’s dealing with all the essential issues to ensure survival) 2. Reimagine (draw on all your team and network to get imaginative, creative and innovative to mentally create your new business) 3. Planning & Preparation (the start […]

Economic Outlook

Dedicated to all those currently furloughed. Economic Outlook. I’ve just heard from the Oracle – and it’s good news. Roger Martin-Fagg, a leading behavioural economist and Property Academy speaker has just shared his latest forecast for the economy. We will publish it in full shortly but I just wanted to share this chart straight away. […]

Cut the mooring lines.

Dedicated to Captain Tom Moore’s 100th Birthday Walk for the NHS. You can find out more here. Cut the mooring lines. Earlier today, a question was posed on a webinar as to whether the High Street is now dead. Several people suggested it was dying prior to the lockdown whilst others felt there were still […]


Dedicated to Suzana Mavity of Acaboom for all she’s done to raise money for “Do it for Dom” in support of Huntington’s Disease Association. Inventorpreneur Thomas Edison is perhaps best known as the inventor of the modern day lightbulb. It’s written that his first 10,000 attempts failed indeed he’s alleged to have said: “I have […]

If not now, when?

If not now, When?

Right now I should have been in New York with 30 of the most forward thinking agents and leading suppliers along with our Australian counterparts all sharing best practices, new ideas and innovations. Instead, BlueSkyNYC will now take place in 2021 and the content we had planned will be shared with all our members as […]