Top three lessons from the pandemic.

fouri 394 Top 3 Lessons Article

We’ve returned to having our Leadership Group meetings in person, and getting to see members’ businesses as well as discussing their challenges and opportunities. I’ve met with 40 business owners in the last week, and it’s been wonderful to learn of the incredible number of improvements and innovations that have taken place – not to […]

Lost Leonardo

fouri 393 Lost Leonardo Article

Last week, I attended a screening of the documentary ‘The Lost Leonardo’ which was followed by a discussion and Q&A with the film director, Andreas Koefoed, and art historian Martin Kemp, (who features in the film). It’s a fascinating story on many levels. The headline is simple enough – a badly damaged painting went up […]

Numbers or Stories?

fouri 392 Numbers or Stories Article

Some years ago, Josh Phegan and I were working with a group of leading business owners in Melbourne. As we asked each in turn how they were doing against their budget, a pattern emerged.  Those who were on or above track stated their numbers, “I’ve billed $3million to date and will hit my $5million target.” […]


fouri 391 Predictable Article

Last week, Property Academy members attended an exclusive presentation from US award-winning speaker and author, Mark Parrott. In his bestselling book, “Meta-Trends and the Next Economy”, Mark draws on data, principally demographics, that clearly show that other than when experiencing ‘Black Swan’ events, such as Covid19, it’s very easy to predict on a national and […]


fouri 390 DODA Article

Last week, EA Masters delegates were inspired by one of the best presentations we’ve produced in over 20 years. Former RAF Tornado pilot, Mandy Hickson, one of just a handful of women who’ve flown fighter jets under enemy fire, described her incredible career and how the lessons she learned in a £35million aircraft can be applied to […]

The FBI.

fouri 389 FBI Article

I created this model almost 20 years ago to explain why most marketing communications fail. You see, for years people have believed that you can influence through external communications – which of course you can – but only if what you’re seeking to promote or change is appealing to the audience. Great external communications might […]


fouri 388 Yes Article

We’ve met some truly inspirational people over two decades of producing events: Paula Radcliffe, Dame Kelly Holmes, Katie Piper…are just three that immediately come to mind, but right up there is a young man who you probably haven’t heard of, and yet despite relative anonymity, delivered a presentation at our All Members event two weeks ago, […]

From Great to Greater.

fouri 387 GreattoGreater Article

Twenty One years ago I had the incredibly good fortune to meet, and be coached by, Dr Stephen R Covey, author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. Without any doubt, his influence has been the guiding force in my life. Then, two years ago, at WOBI London 2019, I met his son, Stephen […]

Who to trust?

fouri 386 WhoToTrust Article

Stephen M.R. Covey* is our headline speaker at EA Masters and he’s also speaking live with our members this Thursday, 29th July, at our ‘All Members Conference’. In his book, ‘The Speed of Trust – The One Thing that Changes Everything’ he highlights the typical issues people bring to his attention: “I feel like my […]