What’s your loo roll?

I can put people into three broad “buckets” at the moment: Those who are in denial and waiting for something to happen Those who are wasting their time and energy on social media or ranting against things out of their control Those who are taking action to improve the situation On Friday, I joined the […]

Some Good News on the Horizon

For 20 years we’ve worked with world-renowned, leading behavioural economist, Roger Martin-Fagg. In that time, Roger has made many forecasts and is typically “broadly right” (as opposed to “precisely wrong”). Recently, Roger called the result for the last three general elections correctly and also the Trump victory, on each occasion several weeks before polling day. […]

Live webinar – Monday 16th March, 3pm

How to make the most of home working as a property professional With the coronavirus outbreak meaning a period of temporary home working could be on the horizon for many UK businesses, Rightmove have pulled together some resources to help you plan ahead. Peter Knight joins Rightmove on Monday for a webinar to share practical […]

EA Masters 2019

 Webinar recorded live by Rightmove: 10th October 2019 EA Masters is the biggest event in the property industry calendar, with over 1,000 agents in attendance to get inspired by a world-class line up of speakers. The top 20% estate agents in the Country attended this amazing event at Battersea Evolution and Rightmove screened the morning […]

Just 3% of agencies make the grade.

After analysing the performance of over 1 million listings, 25,000 branches and 15,000 agencies, the top 20% of branches and top 3% of agencies have been identified for inclusion in the Best Estate Agent Guide (BEAG) which is produced by the Property Academy and supported by Rightmove. Today the winners of a BEAG Award are […]

Make 2019 your best year yet

For ten years, Property Academy Group Members businesses have profitably grown following improvements in all areas from recruitment to marketing, systems to diversification. Mastermind Groups Established for 10 years, this is our most popular programme for business owners of agencies of all sizes who wish to both improve their leadership skills and their teams’ performance. […]

2018 Surveys now available to purchase

We are pleased to announce that our 2018 Survey Results are now available to purchase. Our annual home moving trends survey is one of the longest running and largest surveys of its kind. We use the results to understand the underlying drivers of customer satisfaction during the buying process and track changes in consumer expectations […]