Mental or Emotional?

fouri 404 MentalEmotional Article

Josh Phegan posed an interesting question to our Future Leaders Group last week – he asked, “When someone says they’re experiencing mental health issues, could it in fact be emotional issues?” “Semantics” some of you might be thinking but let’s consult the dictionary to settle that: Mental 1. Relating to the mind ‘mental faculties’ 2. […]

For or Against?

fouri 403 For Against Article

For a quarter of a century, Gallup has carried out research into employee engagement. Their global survey measures many aspects of work as seen through the eyes of employees and covers all sectors. The answers to the 12 questions Gallup have consistently asked, reveal whether an employee is: A. Engaged B. Not Engaged C. Actively […]

Cultural change

fouri 402 Cultural Change Article

Often misattributed to management guru Peter Drucker, I’ve expanded the quote: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” to go further: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast, culture eats systems for lunch, culture eats brand for dinner.” In simple terms, I believe that in the long term, culture is the most important factor in determining business success. In […]


fouri 401 Motivation Article

I’m often asked, “Are you a motivational speaker?” I used to reply, “No, in fact no one is.” But now I just say, “Sure, what are you after.” That might sound lazy, but it avoids a 10 minute discussion, and allows us to get to the “meat and potatoes”. You see, no one can motivate […]

Too much effort.

fouri 400 Effort Article

My hat is doffed to Seth Godin, who wrote about this in his blog last week, albeit I’ve been banging on about it to Property Academy members for almost two years. If you, your team or your suppliers, are consistently being required to give extra effort, then that’s a sure sign you’ve got a problem. […]

The Five Frustrations of Leadership

fouri 399 Frustrations Article

Last week, Property Academy members had an exclusive session with a leading coach for entrepreneurs who started the presentation by identifying the five frustrations of leadership: •  Control (lack of) •  Profit (lack of) •  People •  Nothing’s working •  Hitting the ceiling Question: Which of these are you experiencing? No doubt some of you […]

Macro & Micro Leadership

fouri 398 Macro Micro Article

Working with many business leaders, I’m always alert to noting what worked well, what went wrong, and even better if. In particular, I’m keen to identify patterns that can be replicated and therefore coached to others. And I’ve found one recently that I think is really helpful, even though at first sight, it appears to be […]

Coming of age.

fouri 397 Coming of Age Article

I hit a milestone birthday tomorrow. Of course, age is just a number but nonetheless, the significant dates: 13, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc., tend to herald a new chapter. And as my next one is about to start, I’ve scored myself against three key criteria to identify opportunities for improvement. By the […]

Listen to Albert & Roger.

fouri 396 Einstein Roger Article

Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said: “There are only two things that are infinite – the universe and human stupidity… and I’m not certain about the universe.” It’s not conclusive if he did say it, but I like to imagine that he might have. In the last fortnight, the fuel “shortage” brought this […]

Sold Out.

fouri 395 SoldOut Article

“I didn’t think you meant it” was one response we received when advising that all the in-person tickets to EA Masters*** had sold out.Another said, “We thought that was just a marketing ploy” – (it clearly wasn’t). This has taught us a valuable lesson. To read the rest of this newsletter click here. Join over […]