Top Gun.

fouri 432 Top Gun Article

It’s a contender for “Cheesiest film of the 80’s” – and there’s serious competition to the original Top Gun for that accolade. I doubt however, that any film in this decade will get anywhere close to Top Gun: Maverick – it’s like a strong emmental on top of a burger, a runny brie with grapes, […]

A single strategy

fouri 431 OSingle Strategy Article

We took Alistair Campbell’s process from his book ‘Winners’ and added to it to create our POST model: Purpose Objective Strategy Tactics Note that only Tactics are pluralised – we believe there should only be one Purpose, one Objective, and one Strategy. Right now, we’re seeing a lot of businesses confusing Strategy and Tactics…and that […]

O v XO

fouri 430 OvXO Article

“Vin ordinaire” is one of Mum’s favourite expressions to express mild disapproval, (she has far worse for when she’s properly upset!) – it’s profound as we largely recognise that average just isn’t good enough, which confounds the ordinary who often believe they’re doing a good job when merely delivering satisfactorily. “That’ll do, won’t” is a […]

The Rule of 3.

fouri 429 Rule of 3 Article

What do Murray Walker, Steve Jobs, and Martin Luther King all have in common? Last week, our Future Leaders Group, (comprising 50 up and coming superstars), attended the first of a three part masterclass series on presentation skills. Our first expert, former journalist and newsreader, Arti Halai, shared her top tips learned over many years […]

Not for Profit.

fouri 428 Not For Profit Article

Last week, at one of our Leadership Group* meetings, a member posed a question about a new service she was considering introducing. Using our tried and tested diagnostic process, it became very clear that this new initiative would require: Significant capital Considerable executive time, in particular identifying and recruiting the right leader and team A […]

FBI Revististed.

fouri 427 FBI Article

We developed the “Fantastic Big Idea” (FBI) concept over two decades ago, and it’s become a staple tool for our members to help them really get to grips with their purpose and how to make sure it properly connects their team and customers. It also serves to highlight how a brand is built from the […]

A New Dawn.

fouri 425 ANewDawn Article

Whilst others referred to the pandemic period as “The New Normal”, I refused to accept that was the case, and instead labelled it: “The Awkward Bit in the Middle” (between the Old and the Next Normal). Now though, I feel it’s the time of a New Dawn; for three main reasons. To read the rest […]


fouri 425 RustOut Article

I take my own medicine. Each month, I meet with several business owners in a Group that’s chaired and facilitated on a similar basis to Property Academy Leadership Groups. One of the members, Angela Hunt, is a former nurse who runs a business in the healthcare sector. Of all the people I know, her knowledge […]

Humble, Hungry and Curious.

fouri 424 Humble Hungry Curious Article

I’m grateful to Michael Nettleton, (long time Property Academy member, MD of Nock Deighton estate agency, and founder of Agent Response PropTech), for sharing with me another interpretation of the Four Rooms model I discussed in last week’s four-i. I’ve adapted it further, (as left), to make the point of how leadership styles often change […]

House of Change Revisited

fouri 423 Rooms Change Article

The ‘Four Rooms of Change’ model was created 50 years ago by Claes Janssen. I’ve used it many times when coaching business leaders, and would like to share my latest iteration. Janssen’s model is simple: individually (and collectively as a business); you are always in one of four rooms: 1 Room of Contentment 2 Room […]