Macro & Micro Leadership

fouri 398 Macro Micro Article

Working with many business leaders, I’m always alert to noting what worked well, what went wrong, and even better if. In particular, I’m keen to identify patterns that can be replicated and therefore coached to others. And I’ve found one recently that I think is really helpful, even though at first sight, it appears to be […]

Coming of age.

fouri 397 Coming of Age Article

I hit a milestone birthday tomorrow. Of course, age is just a number but nonetheless, the significant dates: 13, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc., tend to herald a new chapter. And as my next one is about to start, I’ve scored myself against three key criteria to identify opportunities for improvement. By the […]

Listen to Albert & Roger.

fouri 396 Einstein Roger Article

Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said: “There are only two things that are infinite – the universe and human stupidity… and I’m not certain about the universe.” It’s not conclusive if he did say it, but I like to imagine that he might have. In the last fortnight, the fuel “shortage” brought this […]

Sold Out.

fouri 395 SoldOut Article

“I didn’t think you meant it” was one response we received when advising that all the in-person tickets to EA Masters*** had sold out.Another said, “We thought that was just a marketing ploy” – (it clearly wasn’t). This has taught us a valuable lesson. To read the rest of this newsletter click here. Join over […]

Performance improvement tactics – 10 key management behaviours

Dress it up how you like, ‘how do I get rid of this poor performer’ is a question I frequently get asked at training events, presentations or over the phone. Often the decision maker is looking for an instant solution, usually motivated by a desire to avoid any interpersonal confrontation and investment in time. Since […]

Top three lessons from the pandemic.

fouri 394 Top 3 Lessons Article

We’ve returned to having our Leadership Group meetings in person, and getting to see members’ businesses as well as discussing their challenges and opportunities. I’ve met with 40 business owners in the last week, and it’s been wonderful to learn of the incredible number of improvements and innovations that have taken place – not to […]

Lost Leonardo

fouri 393 Lost Leonardo Article

Last week, I attended a screening of the documentary ‘The Lost Leonardo’ which was followed by a discussion and Q&A with the film director, Andreas Koefoed, and art historian Martin Kemp, (who features in the film). It’s a fascinating story on many levels. The headline is simple enough – a badly damaged painting went up […]

Numbers or Stories?

fouri 392 Numbers or Stories Article

Some years ago, Josh Phegan and I were working with a group of leading business owners in Melbourne. As we asked each in turn how they were doing against their budget, a pattern emerged.  Those who were on or above track stated their numbers, “I’ve billed $3million to date and will hit my $5million target.” […]


fouri 391 Predictable Article

Last week, Property Academy members attended an exclusive presentation from US award-winning speaker and author, Mark Parrott. In his bestselling book, “Meta-Trends and the Next Economy”, Mark draws on data, principally demographics, that clearly show that other than when experiencing ‘Black Swan’ events, such as Covid19, it’s very easy to predict on a national and […]


fouri 390 DODA Article

Last week, EA Masters delegates were inspired by one of the best presentations we’ve produced in over 20 years. Former RAF Tornado pilot, Mandy Hickson, one of just a handful of women who’ve flown fighter jets under enemy fire, described her incredible career and how the lessons she learned in a £35million aircraft can be applied to […]