A New Dawn.

fouri 425 ANewDawn Article

Whilst others referred to the pandemic period as “The New Normal”, I refused to accept that was the case, and instead labelled it: “The Awkward Bit in the Middle” (between the Old and the Next Normal). Now though, I feel it’s the time of a New Dawn; for three main reasons. To read the rest […]


fouri 425 RustOut Article

I take my own medicine. Each month, I meet with several business owners in a Group that’s chaired and facilitated on a similar basis to Property Academy Leadership Groups. One of the members, Angela Hunt, is a former nurse who runs a business in the healthcare sector. Of all the people I know, her knowledge […]

Humble, Hungry and Curious.

fouri 424 Humble Hungry Curious Article

I’m grateful to Michael Nettleton, (long time Property Academy member, MD of Nock Deighton estate agency, and founder of Agent Response PropTech), for sharing with me another interpretation of the Four Rooms model I discussed in last week’s four-i. I’ve adapted it further, (as left), to make the point of how leadership styles often change […]

House of Change Revisited

fouri 423 Rooms Change Article

The ‘Four Rooms of Change’ model was created 50 years ago by Claes Janssen. I’ve used it many times when coaching business leaders, and would like to share my latest iteration. Janssen’s model is simple: individually (and collectively as a business); you are always in one of four rooms: 1 Room of Contentment 2 Room […]


fouri 422 TOT Article

Chris Paton, former Royal Marine Colonel who reported directly to the Prime Minister when responsible for extracting British troops from Afghanistan, works with our members to help them improve their businesses, grow faster and crucially, be more profitable. Last month he worked with two of our Leadership Groups and shared a simple leadership process that […]

Fact Check

fouri 421 Fact Check Article

‘Groupthink’ is defined by Wiki as: “A psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome.” The consequences of this can be very dangerous, and my sense is that the desire by increasing numbers of people […]

How to complain

fouri 420 HowtoComplain Article

My very good friend Rachel Godfrey (aka “Athletic Fox” – she’s a lifestyle/fitness coach) posted this last week: “If you’re unhappy with your situation but do nothing about it, you don’t have the right to complain.” It got me thinking about the considerable increase in complaints, (social media is constantly full of people sounding off/whinging/having […]

Recruiting for the worst.

fouri 419 Recruit Worst Article

Colin Maclachlan, former SAS soldier who has joined Property Academy’s speaker roster, recently highlighted to one of our Leadership Groups why, and perhaps more importantly how, SAS selection methods can be applied to businesses. To read the rest of this newsletter click here. Join over 6,000 property professionals, including leading estate and letting agents and […]

The Expectation Problem.

fouri 418 Expectations Article2

I read an article in The Guardian, that described how passengers arriving into Houston airport frequently complained about the time it took for their bags to arrive. Apparently, a complete overhaul of the process ensued, resulting in an average of just 8 minutes from landing to arrival in the baggage claim area. However, that didn’t […]

How the SAS would run your business.

fouri 417 SAS Article

Former SAS soldier turned TV star, Colin Maclachlan*, is meeting with several of our Leadership Groups in March. During his first session, hosted by Williams & Donovan in Southend last week, he highlighted ideas as diverse as how KGB recruitment methods are being successfully utilised by companies to attract the best talent; what it takes […]