How the SAS would run your business.

fouri 417 SAS Article

Former SAS soldier turned TV star, Colin Maclachlan*, is meeting with several of our Leadership Groups in March. During his first session, hosted by Williams & Donovan in Southend last week, he highlighted ideas as diverse as how KGB recruitment methods are being successfully utilised by companies to attract the best talent; what it takes […]

Ski Lessons

fouri 416 SkiLessons Article

After a two year absence, from a previously unbroken run of 25 years, I had the good fortune to go skiing last week. It reminded me of three of the lessons I shared with my team over two decades ago. To read the rest of this newsletter click here. Join over 6,000 property professionals, including […]

Lessons from the front line.

fouri 415 FrontLine Article

Chris Paton was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines who served in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Georgia and Afghanistan.. He was an advisor to the Cabinet and National Security on the Afghan strategy. Colin Maclachlan is a former SAS soldier with over 25 years of security and risk related experience, best known for appearing in […]


fouri 414 Knowns Article

I worked with five extraordinary business leaders last week where we attempted to map out what 2027 will look like. We identified three types of knowns that helped shape our thinking. To read the rest of this newsletter click here. Join over 6,000 property professionals, including leading estate and letting agents and receive information, insight, […]


fouri 413 Overwhelmed Article

The number of people I see who are overwhelmed at the moment is possibly at an all time high. Whilst many businesses are achieving record results, these are being achieved at a considerable price. Stress, mental health, and emotional health are all under pressure. Owners, directors and team members alike are all under the cosh. […]


fouri 412 Discounting Article

When you reduce your price and still offer the same product or service, it’s not negotiating, it’s discounting. Now the main reasons why discounts are given is for volume, (sometimes this can make sense), to generate new business, (normally a discounted offer for a trial period), or the asking price is not appropriate in the […]

The 4 marketing strategies

fouri 411 Mkg Strtegies Article

The book “On War” by Prussian General, Carl von Clausewitz, published in 1832, suggested there are four main strategies when it comes to warfare. In 1986, Al Ries and Jack Trout, took these and applied them to marketing in their book, “Marketing Warfare”. Recently, I’ve observed a number of businesses deploying excellent tactics but not […]

Quiet leadership.

fouri 410 Quiet Leadership Article

In a letter dated April,1887, John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, described his concerns about the church and the monarchy: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption […]

Wizard or Prophet?

fouri 409 WizardProhpet Article

Seth Godin recommended reading ‘The Wizard and the Prophet’ by Charles C Mann. It’s the tale of two men: William Vogt (Prophet) and Norman Borlaug (Wizard) and how their polar opposite views of the world influence the choices we must make today to impact the four huge challenges we face: food, water, energy and climate […]

Habit #1

fouri 408 Habit Article

I have a ritual to conclude my annual planning process. After working on my various business plans, personal finances, holidays, family and social goals, fitness plan, personal development and other targets, I review it all and seek a single word to summarise the direction I’m heading in. I do this as it enables me to […]