Smallest viable audience.

Property Academy members have heard me talk about the smallest viable audience for months now. I’m convinced that as the department stores have had their day, to be replaced by niche specialists, so too most businesses that try to serve everyone will be beaten by those who focus on a specific, targeted group – and […]


fouri 341 RISE Article

There are many ways you can allocate your time but key to highly effective performance and profitable growth is to make sure there’s an appropriate amount for each of four broad activities which I allocate using the acronym, RISE. To read the rest of this newsletter click here. Join over 6,000 property professionals, including leading […]


fouri 340 Unicorns Article

Last week, on an exclusive Property Academy members webinar, Ian Preston discussed how he has restructured leading agency Preston Baker to set the business up for profitable growth in the next normal. Inspired by the many webinars we’ve put on for our members, (which have all had at their core the new 4.0 level of […]

Principles of Persuasion.

fouri 339 Persuasion Article

I’ve written before of how my former marketing agency was commissioned to create the training materials for Professor Robert Cialdini’s company and delivered all the materials for the “Principles of Persuasion” workshop. This was significant for me as I got to learn first hand from one of the two world authorities on how to use […]

Covid Top 10.

fouri 338 Covid Top 10

We’re running a series of webinars for our members featuring the changes leading agents and suppliers have made during the last 4 months and the impact they’ve had. No two are identical but there are ten themes that have developed which I’m pleased to share with you all this morning. To read the rest of […]

All roads lead to Rome.

fouri 337 Road to Rome

For over a millennium, the idiom “all roads lead to Rome” has meant that there are different options but they all end up in the same place. In conversation with Grant Leboff* recently, we noted how today, for just about every business, Rome is your website. So I’m going to update the idiom for the […]

Half full, half empty, so what?

fouri 336 Half Full Half Empty 1

The Property Academy has 126 members ranging from single branch businesses to one with 47, the majority have 2-5. They tend to be market leaders or at the very least are aspirants to be at the top and more, are actively doing things to get there, not just wishful thinking. I mention this as my […]

It’s time to outsource.

fouri 333 Outsource Article

The best agents are getting ready for the next normal having successfully navigated this “awkward bit in the middle”. They’re looking at everything – customer expectations, market segmentation and targeting, compelling proposition, competitive advantage, business model, fee structure, culture and also a myriad of outsourcing options to enable faster, profitable growth and to mitigate against […]

The Gap Widens.

fouri 334Gap Article

I read a report by McKinsey last week that highlighted how the performance gap between the top and bottom performing corporate businesses is widening. As you can see from the chart taken from their report, it’s actually more of a chasm than a gap. My sense is that it’s the same picture for SMEs too […]