Four i 364 Timing Article

I tend to dismiss ghost stories, ‘strange’ phenomenon and conspiracy theories but my resolve was tested last week when over dinner, I mentioned someone in conversation whom I hadn’t spoken with for almost 20 years, and later, that very evening, he connected with me on facebook. Spooky eh? The reason I had recalled this individual […]

History Repeating.

Four i 363 History Repeating Article

I recently came across a book titled ‘Influencing Human Behavior’ by Harry A Overstreet. In the foreword he writes: ‘The following chapters are the substance of a course of lectures given last year at the New School for Social Research in New York City. It came as a petition for a course indicating how human […]

Lie detector.

Four i 362 Lie Detector Article

Why did Neville Chamberlain so poorly judge Adolf Hitler? How did Bernie Madoff manage to pull off a $50 billion ponzi scheme? Why was Amanda Knox found guilty, innocent, guilty and then innocent? I was reminded of these questions, (posed by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, ‘Talking to Strangers’), last week, when it was reported […]

Don’t slip up.

Four i 361 Dont Slip Up Article

In addition to our roster of 70 world leading speakers, the Property Academy has a number of Trusted Advisors – each an expert in their field who provide quarterly sessions for our members on topics covering HR, Finance, Marketing and the Economy. Last week, many of our members were shocked to learn about an aspect […]

Employment law: the year ahead.

Ken Allison Article

Every January I feel duty bound to write about what to expect in employment law during the coming year. This year the blog looks shorter than normal because of all the other preoccupations, but it at least gives me an opportunity to avoid writing about the effects of covid, furlough, etc. I’m going to cover […]

Who Wants to be a Director?

Jo Haigh Article January2021

This article is an extract from the “Future Proofing Your Business” webinar series, created by Jo Haigh exclusively for Property Academy Members. The most litigated act against directors is The Health and Safety at Work act – and those obligations extend to staff that are working from home! To view the full session, enquire about […]

Lazy Marketing RIP.

fouri 360 lazy marketing article

To recap, we have now entered the era of Customer Experience 4.0. CX1.0 = The Store (We purchased goods and services locally and if they weren’t available then we substituted/went without) CX2.0 = Brand (We became influenced by brands as much, (even more?), than the products and services they promote) CX3.0 = Digital. (Whatever we […]

The Hardest Question.

fouri 359 hardest question article

Once you know of its existence, I think it’s impossible not to ask yourself the question posed by writer and director Hirokazu Kore-eda. And it’s perhaps the hardest question you’ve ever asked yourself, or at least it was/is for me. So please, only read on if you want to be properly tested. To read the […]

A lesson from the Cold War.

fouri 358 cold war article

I’ve received even more mixed messages than usual in the last week. “The market is racing”, “Things have ground to a halt”, “We’re so busy we can’t cope”, “Where’s everyone gone?” are just a sample. Whilst Harold Wilson’s observation that “a week is a long time in politics”, has certainly been true so far this […]

Estate Agency Maths, 101

fouri 357 EAMaths Article

It’s shocking that 85% of small company owners are surprised by the calculation I’m going to share with you today, and the reason I’m writing about it now is so you can make the right changes for your business at the very start of the year and gain maximum benefit from this point onwards. To […]