Levelling Up.

fouri 385 Levelling Up Article2

Last week, the Prime Minister gave a speech saying it’s essential the whole of the UK is levelled up, and regardless of your political view, I can’t imagine anyone would argue with that. If Britain is to be Great again, it requires the whole country to prosper, not just a select few. I was reminded of an […]

Winners or Losers?

fouri 384 IWinner Loser Article

Who were the winners? England or Italy? Could it be that the winners are actually the losers? Might the losers have actually won in the long run? In the poem “IF”, Kipling wrote: “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same…” I think it goes further than […]

The Ingredients for Change.

fouri 383 Ingredients for Change Article

I’m grateful to my very good friend and business coach, Bob Battye, for sharing with me the 5 key ingredients that are essential for change. Before you click on the link, take a moment to consider what you believe they are. To read the rest of this newsletter click here. Join over 6,000 property professionals, […]


Four i 382 Connections Article

Whilst I love a lot of tech, for me there are some things I prefer that are old school. Books rather than a kindle for example, and definitely notebooks over a tablet. A key reason is the joy of rediscovery – opening a notebook from almost a decade ago and randomly being reminded of insights […]

Take a Stand.

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Speaking to our members last week, marketing guru Grant Leboff stated: “You cannot have a brand that stands for nothing and is attractive.” Think about the brands that really stand out from the pack, not only in their sector but across all industries: here’s 10 on my list (feel free to add your own) Apple […]


Four i 380 Free Article

I’m not a fan of free stuff, never have been. When I see the word I’m instantly on alert, suspicious as to what the catch will be. However, in this ever changing world we live in, “FREE” has become an expectation for many things and for many people. I recently realised that I needed to […]

Indivisible Plan.

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As the chart highlights, it’s a myth that each generation does better than the one before – indeed, for the first time since WW2, over half of all people in the US aged 35 are earning less than their parents were at the same age. According to www.money.co.uk the average age of a first time […]

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

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Josh Phegan, my very good friend, (and, in my opinion, Australia’s number one real estate coach by any measurement), shared his AREC 2021 slide deck with me on Saturday and amongst a ton of new material was this quote: “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.”  It caused me to recall advice I offered our members […]

More Freakonomics?

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In their 2005 book, ‘Freakonomics’, Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, highlighted several major unintended consequences when changes in one aspect of life impacted on others. One example, that has been much debated since, is the correlation of the change in abortion laws and the dramatic fall in crime rates two decades later. I was shocked […]

In Roger we trust.

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Since our inception, members have received a regular economic outlook/forecast from one of our trusted advisors, behavioural economist, Roger Martin-Fagg. Roger’s record is extraordinary. He’s called the results of the last three general elections and both the Trump and Biden victories months ahead of polling day. In 20 years he’s identified each recession/depression and recovery, […]