A note from Pygott & Crone
We would like to share some feedback from Nathan, a member of our Leadership Group.


I’m Nathan from Pygott and Crone in Lincolnshire and I want to tell you about what’s happened to our business since I became a member of a Property Academy Leadership Group.

It’s all very well being number one in your area but the danger is you could become complacent; stop looking forward and cease innovating. At each Leadership Group meeting we have the benefit of a dedicated workshop from a world-class speaker on subjects ranging from finance to marketing, leadership to recruiting and getting the best from your team. You also have the opportunity to forge new relationships, interact with and take guidance from highly experienced like-minded professional agents who are not in competition with you. It is a simple fact that I have yet to return to my business without numerous positive ideas to immediately implement.

There are huge benefits to be gained from becoming a Leadership Group member and based upon my experience I would recommend you take up the opportunity for free trial meeting and see for yourself.

Best wishes for a brilliant 2015,

Pygott & Crone

Nathan Emerson

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