The Hardest Question.

fouri 359 hardest question article

Once you know of its existence, I think it’s impossible not to ask yourself the question posed by writer and director Hirokazu Kore-eda. And it’s perhaps the hardest question you’ve ever asked yourself, or at least it was/is for me. So please, only read on if you want to be properly tested. To read the […]

A lesson from the Cold War.

fouri 358 cold war article

I’ve received even more mixed messages than usual in the last week. “The market is racing”, “Things have ground to a halt”, “We’re so busy we can’t cope”, “Where’s everyone gone?” are just a sample. Whilst Harold Wilson’s observation that “a week is a long time in politics”, has certainly been true so far this […]

Estate Agency Maths, 101

fouri 357 EAMaths Article

It’s shocking that 85% of small company owners are surprised by the calculation I’m going to share with you today, and the reason I’m writing about it now is so you can make the right changes for your business at the very start of the year and gain maximum benefit from this point onwards. To […]

Thank you Covid19.

fouri 356 thankyou covid article

The news at the weekend was a punch to the gut for many of us. We’ve all been dealt a blow of varying proportions however, there have been some upsides this year and I’ve reflected on what I’m grateful to Covid19 for. Here’s my list, you might like to make one for yourself (I’ve found […]

Prepare to Fail.

Decca records turned down The Beatles. Their response to the band’s submission was, “Guitar groups are on the way out.” According to expert researchers Nielsen, The Beatles were the most streamed rock band of 2020, fifty years after they last recorded a new track. Sir James Dyson had 5,126 failed prototypes before his first bagless […]

Time to take the leap.

fouri 354 would you dare article

This tweet appeared in my feed and I shared it with a number of people and asked them, “Would you do it?” Everyone said “no” and many respondents asked, “Why would you do it?” – to which I replied, “Why wouldn’t you?” and then received a barrage of comments including: “It’s too dangerous”, “What if […]

Take a chair.

fouri 353 take chair article

I’ve been fortunate to have seen Gary Hamel (London Business School) half a dozen times and to also have lunch with him and have the opportunity to question one of the best business brains alive today. Last week I saw him being interviewed and as always, his insight and key message was so on point. […]

Fergie Time.

fouri 352 fergie time article

Marcus Child coaches international athletes, top football teams, world leading rock climbers, CEOs, business leaders, patients with a terminal condition and many more groups of people. His messages transcend age, gender, position – they are truly universal. Last week he spoke with Property Academy members and discussed his latest work: “The 5 Leader Superpowers (to […]

Guiding Principles

fouri 351 guiding principles article

Understandably there’s been a lot of time and effort invested in changing business models, systems, processes, people, marketing… pretty much everything, as a consequence of the pandemic. This will continue as the next normal becomes clearer and closer – (we’re not there yet, we’re still in the awkward bit in the middle) – but whatever […]

Successful Journey.

fouri 350 successful journey article

Three weeks ago Sarah and I drove around the country delivering trophies to the overall winners of the Best Estate Agent Guide Awards and the Best EA Supplier Guide Awards. Our journey started in Harrogate and took in Macclesfield, Peterborough, Cambridge, Southampton and Winchester. After a long week, we arrived into Winchester at lunchtime. I […]