The Absence of Certainty.

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I had a chat with Tony, my 92 year old Stepfather last week and when I asked him how he was doing he replied: “I’m bored of all this now. It’s the lack of an end date that’s so frustrating.” My first thought was his response could have come straight from the twitter account, @soverybritish […]

Marketing Warfare

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In conversation with Ben Brain of Hannells last week I recalled a book I first read 30 years ago: ‘Marketing Warfare’ by Al Ries and Jack Trout. For certain it didn’t win any prizes for the quality of writing but the content, primarily based on Carl von Clausewitz (my favourite Prussian General) book ‘On War’ […]

What would you do if you knew you would fail?

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Seth Godin posed this question at the EA Masters. It reminded me of the dilemma we faced when deciding what to do with the event when the pandemic hit and we went into lockdown. In simple terms there were four options: 1. Cancel the event and resurrect in 2021 2. Carry on with preparation for […]

Lists & Awards.

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Last week, Simon Bradbury of Thomas Morris Estate Agents, put me at the top of his list of influencers as published in Property Industry Eye. I have no doubt many will disagree with his selection and in particular putting me at number one, indeed several of the usual anonymous posters on the site expressed as […]

Lessons from the SAS.

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Our roster of speakers and trusted advisors has been built over 20 years to now be an unrivalled source of four-i, (Information, Insight, Ideas and Inspiration). Take last week for example when our members had the opportunity to have an hour in the company of Floyd Woodrow. Floyd was a soldier in the Parachute Regiment. […]

Smallest viable audience.

Property Academy members have heard me talk about the smallest viable audience for months now. I’m convinced that as the department stores have had their day, to be replaced by niche specialists, so too most businesses that try to serve everyone will be beaten by those who focus on a specific, targeted group – and […]


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There are many ways you can allocate your time but key to highly effective performance and profitable growth is to make sure there’s an appropriate amount for each of four broad activities which I allocate using the acronym, RISE. To read the rest of this newsletter click here. Join over 6,000 property professionals, including leading […]


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Last week, on an exclusive Property Academy members webinar, Ian Preston discussed how he has restructured leading agency Preston Baker to set the business up for profitable growth in the next normal. Inspired by the many webinars we’ve put on for our members, (which have all had at their core the new 4.0 level of […]

Principles of Persuasion.

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I’ve written before of how my former marketing agency was commissioned to create the training materials for Professor Robert Cialdini’s company and delivered all the materials for the “Principles of Persuasion” workshop. This was significant for me as I got to learn first hand from one of the two world authorities on how to use […]