All roads lead to Rome.

fouri 337 Road to Rome

For over a millennium, the idiom “all roads lead to Rome” has meant that there are different options but they all end up in the same place. In conversation with Grant Leboff* recently, we noted how today, for just about every business, Rome is your website. So I’m going to update the idiom for the […]

Half full, half empty, so what?

fouri 336 Half Full Half Empty 1

The Property Academy has 126 members ranging from single branch businesses to one with 47, the majority have 2-5. They tend to be market leaders or at the very least are aspirants to be at the top and more, are actively doing things to get there, not just wishful thinking. I mention this as my […]

It’s time to outsource.

fouri 333 Outsource Article

The best agents are getting ready for the next normal having successfully navigated this “awkward bit in the middle”. They’re looking at everything – customer expectations, market segmentation and targeting, compelling proposition, competitive advantage, business model, fee structure, culture and also a myriad of outsourcing options to enable faster, profitable growth and to mitigate against […]

The Gap Widens.

fouri 334Gap Article

I read a report by McKinsey last week that highlighted how the performance gap between the top and bottom performing corporate businesses is widening. As you can see from the chart taken from their report, it’s actually more of a chasm than a gap. My sense is that it’s the same picture for SMEs too […]

Blah, Blah, Blah.

fouri 333 BlahBlah Article

Jaynie Smith, best-selling author of ‘Creating Competitive Advantage’ (19 reprints) who regularly appears on all the major US TV networks to discuss business issues, spoke with Property Academy Members from Florida last week. Prior, she had done her research into how UK estate agents describe themselves and here’s the most common 10 things she found […]

Time for a new map.

This is what the UK and Ireland looked like in c.1300. As you can see, it’s changed quite a bit in the last 720 years, in particular Scotland that’s moved about 45 degrees North.           The changes were gradual as evidenced by this map from the late 18th century.     […]

The Green Box.

The Green Box

I’m grateful to my very good friend, coach and mentor, Bob Battye for sharing a story last week that stopped me in my tracks and really made me think. I belong to a business group that’s similar in it’s methodology to Property Academy but comprises people from different businesses (eg, software, pub chain, cleaning products, […]

Culture Review.

Culture Review

I’m delivering a webinar for our members this Wednesday that I feel might be the most important of the 100+ hours we’ve already presented. That’s because it will seek to cause a complete review of the culture of each business and the creation of a culture deck. Why is this so important? Some years ago […]

Two Desks.

Four-i Newsletter - Two Desks

As the shops reopen from today, some people could be lulled into thinking that we’ve arrived in the next normal – but we’ve not. Until social distancing is over, which many suggest will probably require a vaccine for Covid19 to have been developed, we’re in between the old normal and the next normal, what I’m […]

Management Model.

Management Model

A major influencer of my thinking, and hopefully understanding about business, is Professor Gary Hamel. Amongst many academic achievements, Gary has been on the faculty of London Business School for 30 years. I’ve read all his books, seen him speak several times and was fortunate to have lunch with him a few years ago. In […]