For five years we have run Leadership Groups each with around 14 members who meet just six times a year. These meetings are held at or nearby to a member’s business so we get to see 6 different agency operations annually and learn from their best practice. At each meeting we have a different guest speaker, they are all world class experts on topics ranging from leadership to management, finance to marketing, who facilitate an interactive workshop to help members hone their business to drive profitable growth. We also use a proven process to diagnose current issues and to create meaningful ideas and strategies for immediate implementation.

Most of our Groups are full which is why we are launching several more. Of course it’s not for everyone, but for people like us who want to be the best that we can be, who know that planning for the future with all the changes going on is not just desirable but essential for survival, who want to learn from other industry leaders, membership is, in the words of one of our members, “the best thing that has ever happened to me personally and for my business.”

We can offer you a no risk trial. Come to one of the Group meetings and if it’s not for you then the day’s learning from a top speaker, the interaction with other leaders, the chance to see how another agency business operates will all be for free, there will be no charge and no pressurised follow up. If though you see the incredible value of membership then you do pay for the first meeting and each month thereafter. There is no long-term contract, although our founding members in our very first Group are still here 5 years on, (and all of them have substantially improved their businesses and their profitability).

Please contact Nicky Stevenson to find out more about membership and to schedule your free trial on 01372 370827 or