I’m Charles from Aston Mead, with 6 offices in Surrey and Berkshire, and I want to tell you about what’s happened to our business since I joined the Property Academy Leadership Group.

As we all know estate agency is a competitive business and success to large degree depends on staying ahead of the competition.

Being a member of the academy and meeting 12 or so other ‘like-minded’ leaders every other month has helped me with my development and also that of our business. The fact that none of us compete with each other makes each meeting ‘work’. The sharing of ideas is worth it on its own in my opinion and then you can add to that the top quality, world class speakers, the affinity we all have and of course the fun. Joining was a ‘no brainer’!

I believe every agency owner would benefit from being a Leadership Group member and strongly recommend you take up the offer of a free trial meeting.

Best wishes,

Charles Hesse

If you would like to find out more about becoming a group member, you can also visit our Groups page.