Here’s a note from Sarah Mains, another member of our Leadership Group, explaining what becoming a group member has done for her company.

Hello, I’m Sarah from Sarah Mains in Newcastle and I want to tell you about what’s happened to our business since I became a member of a Property Academy Leadership Group.

We’ve always looked to develop and innovate, Sarah Mains is often quoted as a forward-thinking agency, but I kept on thinking, “What else can we do?”  Belonging to a Leadership Group with 14 other estate agency owners has allowed me to visit six other agencies each year and to learn ideas directly from them that have had an impact on how we recruit and train our team, how we market and promote ourselves, how to differentiate further, improve our operations and above all increase our profitability.

I believe every agency owner would benefit from being a Leadership Group member and strongly recommend you take up the offer of a free trial meeting.

Best wishes for a brilliant 2015,

Sarah Mains

If you would like to find out more about becoming a group member, visit our Groups page.