As the shops reopen from today, some people could be lulled into thinking that we’ve arrived in the next normal – but we’ve not. Until social distancing is over, which many suggest will probably require a vaccine for Covid19 to have been developed, we’re in between the old normal and the next normal, what I’m calling “the awkward bit in the middle.” And it’s particularly awkward right now.

On the one hand, businesses are facing a set of challenges for the immediate term whilst at the same time trying to work out, plan and create new propositions for the next normal. This is testing to say the least.

I know many business owners who are wrestling with questions such as bringing people back from furlough now who won’t have a long term future with the business. Others are refitting their offices for social distancing whilst trying to work out if they will even need them in the future. Then there’s the dilemma of worrying about a second spike and holding back on major investment whilst not wanting to fall behind if the next normal is suddenly with us.

Understandably the dichotomies this period is throwing up often results in confused decision making and communications. Whilst no one has all the answers, I reminded myself of a process an old friend taught me many years ago that I’m finding useful right now and hope you might too.

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