I tend to dismiss ghost stories, ‘strange’ phenomenon and conspiracy theories but my resolve was tested last week when over dinner, I mentioned someone in conversation whom I hadn’t spoken with for almost 20 years, and later, that very evening, he connected with me on facebook. Spooky eh?

The reason I had recalled this individual is because he was, probably still is, a creative genius but, 20 years ago, he packed in a career in advertising for a life in Devon running first a teashop and now a small bakery. Why? Because he was ahead of his time over and over again. His ideas were dismissed as unworkable, impractical, not viable and then 3,5,10 years later, someone would deliver on them and make a fortune. It did his head in and he sought and found an escape.

The next day, I came across this 1968 advertisement for Western Electric. It predicted facetime, zoom and teams, albeit 40 years earlier than their mass adoption. This got me wondering about which trends, new products and services, we should be planning for and those we should park in the “not happening anytime soon” folder. I certainly don’t have all the answers but there are many people who believe they do, including some who I think are worth listening to.

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