Picture a beach, with waves crashing onto it, roughly 7-8 a minute. Note that’s every minute of every day and night – over 10,000 in 24 hours. Imagine the impact that has over many years.

Now see yourself at the sea edge with a bucket of water, trying to eke it out with a drop here, a drop there.

That’s the difference between the largest brands in the world and you.

You are not Apple, Coke or Nike.
Even if you have more than one brand, you’re not Procter & Gamble.
And you’re definitely not HM Government, the biggest advertiser in the UK, (well I suppose technically you are, as it’s our taxes they’re spending, but you know what I mean).

So why do you try to behave like they do?

You can’t afford to turn up everywhere.
You don’t have the resources to be brilliant at everything.
Attempting to emulate the marketing giants, with a budget less than 0.01% of theirs, merely results in wasting what precious little you have.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t compete – you can, and you must.

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