Last week, Simon Bradbury of Thomas Morris Estate Agents, put me at the top of his list of influencers as published in Property Industry Eye. I have no doubt many will disagree with his selection and in particular putting me at number one, indeed several of the usual anonymous posters on the site expressed as much.

This week, at the EA Masters on Thursday, we’ll be publishing two lists: the winners of the Best Estate Agent Guide Awards and the Best EA Supplier Awards and for sure this will also attract some criticism.

When we launched the awards four years ago, I said “…no assessment is perfect, they’re all flawed. Take the Oscars, one person’s favourite film of the year is judged by someone else to be a complete turkey. That said, we’re going to do everything we possibly can to make the Best Estate Agent Guide Awards the most exhaustive and comprehensive awards ever produced in this industry, or any industry for that matter.”

I believe that lists, league tables and awards are important and that individuals, companies and whole industries are better off for having them for three key reasons.

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