Last week, 24 leading agents and property industry suppliers, from Britain and Australia, gathered together in Los Angeles for the fifth Property Academy BlueSky event.

We all experienced and learned so much including:

  • A private tour of the new offices for the Oppenheim Group (Selling Sunset), and a full and frank hour of conversation with Jason Oppenheim (who, btw, is truly impressive)
  • An exclusive visit to the Grammy museum and a masterclass in sound production (more on the importance of sound in a future four-i)
  • Sharelle Rosado (the lead on ‘Selling Tampa’ and CEO of Allure Realty) who with Hollywood casting director Meg Barry shared how they went about creating a hit property TV series, (and how others can too)
  • Matthew Luhn storytelling masterclass (Matt’s writing credits include Toy Story, MonstersINC, Cars, Up, The Simpsons – and many more), and how businesses can write and tell stories that will inspire rather than just inform

As is often the case, for me anyway, whilst I learned so much from these amazing people and experiences, the biggest takeaway lesson was not something I’d expected.

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