The co-founder of hotel guide, ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’, Tamara Lohan, will be speaking at EA Masters and telling her story of building one of the most recognisable digital brands in the hotel sector and how she and her husband disrupted an established marketplace – very topical for estate agents!

One of her key points is how vital it is to differentiate. Previously, hotel guides listed as many properties as possible with a tried and tested, familiar yet boring, format. Because ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ only caters couples wanting a “dirty weekend” rather than pointing out the practical and factual features instead ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ notes the intimacy of the bar, the special ingredients of the signature martini, the Egyptian cotton sheets and whether a couple can bath together – the details that matter for a couple seeking an intimate stay away. Tamara’s keynote will cause you to consider how you can differentiate so you stand out from the crowd and appeal to your key target audience.

Tamara joins eight other world class speakers and all nine presentations will be scrutinised by a panel of nine industry ‘Leaders & Legends’ who will how the lessons can be applied to estate agency.

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