Last week, we opened up our regular financial briefing for Property Academy members to anyone interested in hearing the common sense and wisdom from Roger Martin-Fagg, (a brilliant behavioural economist), who correctly forecasted, months ahead, the results of the last three general elections, both the Trump and Biden victories, recessions, booms and busts and was way in front of everyone, including the government and bank of England during the pandemic, calmly urging businesses to hold onto their teams to enable them to reap the benefit from the upturn which he rightly forecasted would inevitably follow.

Roger made the point very firmly that prior to the mini budget the doom mongers were wrong – the market was correcting, but talk of a financial crisis, massive house price falls and the like, were way off.

Of course, those with a pessimistic agenda are now crowing “told you so” when in fact, unless they could predict the chancellor’s announcement, (which is unlikely as apparently even the prime minister didn’t know everything he had planned), had we continued with rishieconomics, Roger is convinced the storm would be mere choppy waters, to be navigated carefully for sure, but nothing like the tempest we now face.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and this one isn’t just thinly plated – there’s a huge opportunity to be mined.

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