Seth Godin recommended reading ‘The Wizard and the Prophet’ by Charles C Mann. It’s the tale of two men: William Vogt (Prophet) and Norman Borlaug (Wizard) and how their polar opposite views of the world influence the choices we must make today to impact the four huge challenges we face: food, water, energy and climate change.

I declare my bias, I’m firmly in the Wizard camp – in simple terms I believe that humankind has the ability to solve the problems, albeit the Prophet’s argument is hard to ignore at times, (that resources are finite and that we must ration/conserve).

Indeed, following the development and recent launch of the James Webb telescope, I’m inspired yet again by what we are capable of accomplishing. My sense is that no matter how big the problem, humankind will find the solution, (but of course, I accept many will find my viewpoint naive).

Whilst Charles C Mann wrestles with the life enhancing/threatening issues of our time, my sense is that the same debate, and options, can be applied to business too.

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