Stephen M.R. Covey* is our headline speaker at EA Masters and he’s also speaking live with our members this Thursday, 29th July, at our ‘All Members Conference’.

In his book, ‘The Speed of Trust – The One Thing that Changes Everything’ he highlights the typical issues people bring to his attention:

“I feel like my contributions at work are hardly recognised or valued.”

“I can’t stand the politics at work. It seems like everyone is out for himself.”

“I’ve really been burned in the past. How can I trust anyone enough to have a real relationship?”

“Work is bogged down with bureaucracy. It takes forever to get anything done. I have to get authorisation to buy a pencil!”

“The older my children get, the less they listen to me. What can I do?”

“My boss micromanages me and everyone else at work. He treats us all like we can’t be trusted.”

“With all the scandals, corruption and ethical violations in our society today, I feel like someone has pulled the rug from under me. I don’t know what – or who – to trust anymore.”

Have you experienced something similar?

Stephen describes five waves of trust: Self, Relationship, Organisational, Market, Societal.
My sense is that, everyday, we read stories of breakdowns in all these areas – so what to do?

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