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Economic Outlook.

Economic Outlook

I’ve just heard from the Oracle – and it’s good news.

Roger Martin-Fagg, a leading behavioural economist and Property Academy speaker has just shared his latest forecast for the economy. We will publish it in full shortly but I just wanted to share this chart straight away.

Roger has called the right result for the last three general elections and US presidential election – often months ahead. In 20 years his forecasts on the economy are mostly broadly right, (which as he puts it is better than precisely wrong!).

I value his opinion – in simple terms it’s this:

  • The economy is taking a massive hit but is being supported as never before by the government.
  • When the lockdown is over people will spend at a ferocious rate.
  • The third quarter will still be tough but by Q4 activity (spending) will be through the roof.
  • The prospect for 2021 is very favourable although shortage of labour could curtail growth.

Manage the here and now and plan for the future.

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