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Thought for the Day

Cut the mooring lines.

Cut the mooring lines

Earlier today, a question was posed on a webinar as to whether the High Street is now dead. Several people suggested it was dying prior to the lockdown whilst others felt there were still opportunities to be had from a place where people could meet face to face.

My sense is that a High Street presence is now optional, it’s no longer a requirement.

I suggest that rather than reimagining your future business based on a starting point of “fixed” parameters, (which includes physical locations, people, even your own role), instead reimagine the customer experience and then see if things such as High Street locations add value commensurate with their cost.

This is a time for a “blank sheet of paper” approach. Hard as it might be, cut the mooring lines of how you’ve always done things and build a new business to move your customers to where they want to go.

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