The Property Academy provides Information, Insights, Ideas and Inspiration (four-i) for individuals and companies in the property industry.

We passionately believe that every individual and company, no matter how experienced, should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and be the best that they can be. Our aim is to encourage, challenge, motivate and inspire those who strive to achieve this.

The Property Academy shares four-i with contribution from expert speakers through our free Weekly Newsletter, Membership Groups and at our Seminars and Events throughout the year.

Additionally we carry out the largest independent national surveys each year, (Home Moving Trends, Landlord and Tenant) with approximately 5000 respondents to each ensuring that we have the latest views of property owners and renters.

Our flagship events, Lettings LIVE and EA LIVE continue to set the benchmark for the industry with over 600 attendees at each event.

The Property Academy has been established since 2008 and our clients trust us to deliver the latest innovations and ideas in the industry.