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Our surveys are a key source of data when providing insight, advisory services and coaching to members of our Leadership Groups.

The reports help agents to tailor their service and communications to the things that matter most, revealing answers to the following questions and much more:

  • Where are the major gaps between consumer expectations and reality?
  • What are the top 5 factors influencing choice of agent?
  • Where should you focus attention to win more instructions?
  • How is length of average residency changing and what can you do to help stimulate the market?
  • Which audience profiles are more pre-disposed to new build opportunities?
  • What do landlords say about plans for their portfolio and how might this affect your lettings strategy?
  • What facilities are tenants prepared to pay extra for?
  • What matters most to tenants and how can you leverage this to build better long-term relationships and future revenue?

The 2023 Surveys are now closed but if you’d like to regsiter your interest in perticipating in the 2024 Surveys, let us know here

Want to benchmark your own customer feedback against the national average?

In 2023, over 100 agencies took part in the surveys and almost 23,000 responses were gathered from customers directly involved in the moving process.

There is no charge to be involved in the research and we do not record any personal data from those taking part in the surveys (we do ask for the participant’s email address if they wish to take part in the prize draw, however this information is not used for any other purpose, or shared with any third party). We will provide you with a simple invitation and link to send to your client database(s).

Any agent who generates more than 40 individual responses will receive a data report of their own survey results and findings. Any agent who generates more than 100 individual responses will receive their own data compared against the national results.

The 2023 Surveys are now closed and results are available to purchase below.

If you are interested in older results of the surveys please contact us directly on 01372 372372.
Our Leadership Members are also provided with a copy of the executive summary, together with a more in depth analysis of the findings and insights as part of their membership – Find out more about Property Academy membership.

2023 Survey Results

Access last years results by selecting from the following options:

2023 Landlord & Renter Surveys £199 + VAT

Responses from both the Landlord Survey and the Renter Survey, bundled in to a single report and available to download today.

2023 Home Moving Trends Survey £149 + VAT

Insights from active home buyers and sellers to help inform your decisions. Available as a download when you purchase today.

Home Moving Trends, Landlord & Renter Surveys £299 + VAT

Full access to all three survey results, providing a complete picture of every residential property consumer.

Purchase All 3 Surveys