Dedicated to Louise Jefferies of SDL for overcoming an horrendous accident and returning to work with a positivity that radiates despite her impaired condition.

S.U.M.O.* (as Property Academy speaker Paul McGee would say)

When she was 32, Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable stage IV cancer in her liver and lungs. That was 17 years ago and today Kris has developed a lifestyle business based on healthy nutrition that has inspired thousands of people to improve their lives.

7 years ago, Krystal Cantu lost her right arm in an appalling car accident. Before the incident, Krystal had been an enthusiastic CrossFit trainer; indeed such was her commitment, she was back in the gym just 3 weeks later. Remarkably, she has broken all her personal weightlifting records, that she set when she had two arms.

When he was 13, Chen Zhou lost both of his legs in a train accident. With few prospects, he sang on the street, shined shoes and sold newspapers to earn a living. Now at 30, Chen Zhou is a famous mountain climber having summited all 5 of China’s great peaks including Mount Tai, which he has ascended 11 times. Chen uses his arms to climb, with a pair of home made wooden boxes attached to his hands.

*Shut Up Move On

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