14th May – Trial a Leadership Group exclusively for Estate Agency Leaders and take your business to the next level.


Peter Knight launched the first Leadership Group 10 years ago to help property professionals improve their personal and business performance. Members have included some of the most well known and successful firms such as Romans, Finders Keepers, Greene & Co., Karl Tatler, Keatons and Ashtons as well as many other businesses of all sizes.


On 14th May we have invited one of our most popular speakers, Steve Rawling to share “Business Storytelling”.

Steve is an ex-BBC journalist, author and communication expert. He can help you tell great stories about your work. He works with clients across the media industry, technology, education and charity sectors. Steve reckons he has told over 20,000 stories in his career as a journalist in one of the BBC’s busiest newsrooms. He can walk into any situation, speak to any person and come away with a story about them that makes sense to the widest possible audience. He can pass his experience on to people who know that storytelling is now a vital skill for business leaders. Anyone can tell stories in a digital age. But that doesn’t guarantee anyone will listen to yours. Your customers, partners and colleagues are bombarded with information in every waking hour. How do you make sure your message gets heard above the noise? Steve can teach you the tricks journalists use to grab people’s attention. He can help you tell the kind of stories that people want to hear, the kind of stories they will share with others. He’ll show you how storytelling can influence people around you and why it’s increasingly seen as a key leadership skill.

Session overview:

Learn how to tell stories that influence customers and colleagues. Do you find it hard to get your message across when you’re talking about important work? Maybe it’s because you’re not telling the right story – or any story at all. While facts and data are important, most people find stories easier to understand and remember. This is why successful leaders tell great stories about their work, their staff and their customers.

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Agents that attend a trial meeting and decide to become a fully fledged member, can expect the following benefits.

Leadership Meetings include:

  • Visiting 5 different estate agency business each year to experience and learn from other businesses.
  • Issues session, where members discuss the challenges and opportunities that they face. Each member benefits from the contributions, ideas and recommendations of the others.
  • Workshops with top speakers on subjects including how to be a great leader, how to build a top performing team, the latest digital marketing tactics, finance for the non-financial and much more. All our speakers are experts in their field; many have worked at board level with some of the UK’s most successful businesses. They are all selected for their down-to-earth delivery and ability to bring the best out of individuals and businesses.
  • Valuable materials including workbooks, scripts and templates to help put what has been learned in to action.
  • Participation in our ‘All Members’ day – where individuals from all the groups come together to take part in a highly structured programme that will help them to re-set goals, priorities & focus.

Sounds interesting?

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Other forthcoming Leadership Group Meetings:

Tuesday, 5th May
Location: Currently being held via webinar
Speaker and session: David Smith – Bad Bosses: The Top 10 Leadership Pitfalls

Thursday 21st May
Location: Currently being held via webinar
Speaker and session: Andy Davison – Blue Ocean Strategy

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In addition to the meetings, members of our Leadership Groups also receive:

  • Weekly coaching tips, written exclusively for members by Peter Knight.
  • Monthly coaching video, produced by Peter Knight – top estate agency coach in the UK.
  • Monthly book reviews, summarising key take-aways from business authors.
  • Priority notice and booking on tickets for Property Academy events, plus free upgrade to VIP status, including the property industry’s most prestigious conference The EA Masters.


To help you decide if membership is for you, below is a selection of comments from some of our members.

“It’s great to discuss real business issues with quality estate agency business owners. The Leadership format is refreshingly different and highly effective.”

Nigel Keene, White Knights

“The speakers are all exceptional and have helped me to transform our business with some truly innovative ideas.”

Ian Preston, Preston Baker

“It’s great to visit so many top quality estate agents from around the country and take back their best ideas
for your business.”
Julie Twist, Julie Twist

“I’ve made some of my most important decisions after discussing issues with the Group – it’s brilliant to have other business owners to bounce off.”

Charles Robinson, Jones Robinson


Leadership Groups are suitable for individuals from companies of all sizes – owners of large companies are inspired by the ideas and innovations being adopted by owners of small and single branch companies and vice versa.

What is important, is a common desire to learn and help one another to have a better business. We learn better together and friendships are formed along the way.

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