Stop, Start, Continue


I hope you’ve got a plan for 2017, both business and personal, and that it’s written in a compelling way that repeated reading will continuously motivate you to take action. Perhaps you might like to add this to it: Stop, Start, Continue.

STOP – identify one thing you’ll stop doing. In conversation with many of our Group Members it seems that social media and email habits are a common feature here – how about stopping the habit of near continuously looking at emails and maybe reviewing your inbox just once an hour or less?

START – what will you start doing? One of our Members told me he’s going to start each week with “Positive Focus” (it’s how we begin every meeting at the Property Academy with each person highlighting one thing that’s been positive for them since we last met – it’s a great energizer).

CONTINUE – it’s all very well dropping bad habits and creating positive new ones but what about the things you already do really well? I’m sure there’s something that you currently do that if you gave it specific attention you’d do even better. For me it’s book reviews – I’m going to review every book I read now rather than just a selection. This will enhance my recollection and add further value to our Members when they’re published.

We have three levels of Membership and although many of our Groups are now full there are a few places still available – if you’d like 2017 to be your best year yet then come and trial one of our Groups.

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