Join the Property Academy and make 2018 your best year yet

  • 3 membership options – for business owners, senior directors and current/future managers
  • Learn from some of the most successful estate agents of all time
  • Incredible value from just £47* per month

The Property Academy has three membership programmes designed to inspire you and your team to be the best that you can be. Each is tried, tested and proven to deliver superb results and is endorsed by many leading estate agents from across the country, from businesses with one office to those with 80+

Property Academy LiveStream

This is the programme for owner-managers, managers and those ready to step up to the next level.


Mastermind Membership

Now in it’s seventh year, many of the UK’s finest estate agents have experienced Mastermind Membership and will confirm that it’s been transformational for them personally and for their businesses.



Elite Forum (The Summit Group)

Over the last two years, the Property Academy’s Summit Group programme has developed into a proven process of measurable, sustained business improvement to lead to highly profitable growth. Using a 62 step diagnostic process developed by the Property Academy and our Trusted Advisors, each member of the Elite Forum will have an individual prescription of nine specific projects/actions to implement each quarter, 36 for the whole year.


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