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Property Academy invites members of Relocation Agent Network to take part in Home Moving Trends

In 2020, over 100 agencies took part in the surveys and almost 35,000 responses were gathered from customers directly involved in the moving process.

There is no charge to be involved in the research. Participating agencies that generate more than 40 individual responses receive a data report of their own survey results and findings. Those who generate more than 100 individual responses receive the national reports free of charge together with their own data to enable benchmarking against the national results.

2021 Survey Covers Larger

We are offering RAN members a copy of the 2020 survey results free of charge. You can download a copy here:

Download the 2020 Home Moving Trends Survey

Download the 2020 Landlord & Tenants Survey

To take part in this year’s survey, register now. The survey is already in field and is closed on 30th July, so time is of the essence if you want to get involved!



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