78% of sellers didn’t choose the agent quoting the cheapest fee.

When it comes to choosing an agent, 79% of sellers do so before they have found a property to buy, therefore they are not at the point of negotiating with an agent over a purchase for the most part.

Research for the seller is key. Who to choose? The most important influence when choosing whom to invite round for a val is the agent’s reputation. 42% research by visiting agent’s own websites. Is it immediately clear on your website why a seller should consider using you? 37% called the office and one in four decided to visit the office before booking the val as part of their research. How equipped is your team for handling these face-to-face & phone enquiries? Especially if the valuer is out? Are they getting a great first impression?

35% of the time you will be one of three agents pitching for the business. 29% will opt for two vals but one in four sellers will just get one…

Initiatives to become the ‘one val agent’ is just one of the regularly discussed topics at our bi-monthly group meetings for forward thinking agents.

When it comes to fee’s, of course the customer will choose the cheapest agent in the absence of any differentiator. What make’s you worth the extra? What does your reputation say about you?

Make sure you’re ready for when sellers are ready to research you.

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Data is taken from the Property Academy’s 2014 Home Moving Trends Survey.
You can view the summary here.

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