Ever wondered what Property Academy Mastermind involves?

If you are a forward thinking business owner or director, we would like to invite you to an open day on the 3rd December to experience what Mastermind Membership has to offer, without obligation.

The day is a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, and discuss the challenges that are being faced at the moment.

Pete_Wilkinson_200In addition, Mastermind Membership offers an expert speaker at each meeting to learn from. We are delighted that on the 3rd December we will have Pete Wilkinson presenting his workshop “The World’s Best One Page Action Plan”.

Pete helps CEOs, senior managers and teams create an achievable business action plan to hit targets and reach goals. He is massively passionate about professional people achieving their potential and spends his time business coaching and supporting Chief Executives and Managing Directors in a range of businesses.

After Pete’s session you will have:

  • Clarified current starting point looking at starting scores.
  • Identified 3 clear habits and behaviours that would be evident by being 15% more effective.
  • Discovered 3 most pressing challenges in the 3 key areas.
  • Developed a crystal clear personal vision that drives every action.
  • Established 3 core objectives to enable focused, consistent action is taken.
  • Set 5 stepping stone goals for each core objective so that distractions are minimised, progress is made and potential is realised.
  • Created own personal “World Class One Page Action Plan” that can be shared and completed by the other member of their senior team.
  • A system for ensuring all action taken by the department heads feeds into the central business strategy.
  • A greater understanding of the skill development needed to maximise effectiveness in every day consisting of 86,400 seconds.

Would you like to join us on the 3rd December? The meeting will be taking place at the Lancaster Hotel in London.

We only have 5 spaces remaining so please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your place!

Call us on 01372 370820 or email annabel@propertyacademy.co.uk

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