How your Mastermind Trial works:

The trial of a Mastermind meeting is designed so that you are able to experience first hand what it is like to be a Mastermind member.

There are just 14 members per group (maximum) and once the group is full its full! No two businesses in the same group can compete geographically.

Our groups meet on a bimonthly basis at a members place of business (or nearby hotel or meeting venue) so this could be anywhere in the UK and the day typically comprises of a morning workshop with one of our top speakers (on topics such as leadership, marketing, recruitment). In the afternoon the host member then presents their business and we have two ‘rules’ – you can ask any question you like and will do your best to answer any question you are asked! This session is designed so that we learn how other agents operate and get ideas for our business plus also helping the host to address issues that they may be facing in their business.

The final part of the day is a facilitated ideas and issues session – everyone brings an idea that we share, bring one and leave with ten! The ideas can be big or small and sometimes the smallest are the most valuable (e.g. a really well written canvass letter).


08.​30​ Group arrives at host member’s for office tour.
09.00 Introductions and significant events – each to give a short introduction and tell the group the most significant event of the last month
09.30 First session with speaker
11.00 Coffee
11.20 First session part two​ with speaker
12.35 First session concludes
12.45 Lunch
13.30 Member’s issue session – host presentation & issue to be discussed with the group
14.30 Members’ ideas session – members share great ideas
15.00 Tea
15.20 Members’ ideas session continued
16.30 Future speaker topics and meeting feedback
17.00 Meeting concludes


Trial meeting terms

The trial of mastermind works on the basis that if you decide not to join then no costs are incurred and if you do decide to join then mastermind membership will begin with effect from the next calendar month.

Your investment is £399 + VAT per month plus the costs of hosting a meeting (meeting room if required, teas, coffees and sandwich lunch) once a year/18 months.

We do not ask for a contracted commitment, membership will continue on a rolling basis. If you feel that you wish to no longer be a member then all we ask is for 1 months notice.

Mastermind Membership Feedback

  • “I joined the Mastermind Leadership Group in January 2015 and I can honestly say it has been the best business investment I’ve made! The value I gain from the bi-monthly meetings is incredible and I’d strongly recommend the Group to anybody who has a serious desire to enhance their business and is open minded to advice and prepared to change how they work.” Karl Tatler – Karl Tatler
  • “Meetings give you the chance to detach yourself from your business for a day and have a much clearer look into it as well as in the mirror.” Matthew Miller – Miller Town & Country
  • “I own my company individually without co-directors so don’t have a boardroom to discuss decisions – well I didn’t until Property Academy.” Matt Nicol – Nicol & Co
  • “The content from Property Academy speakers is exceptional, I’ve implemented them with positive results.” Rachel Ritson – Grisdales
  • “Visiting other agents gives you insight into how to deliver exceptional customer service.” Michelle Bailey – Preston Baker
  • “It is motivating, interesting, inspiring, challenging and helps me improve overall business direction, habits, ideas and actions!” Joanna Cobb – Cobb Property
  • “Life changing advice. Inspiring and applicable.” Claire-Louise Taylor, Hamptons
  • “Content intelligent, pertinent and relevant and delivery was energising, energetic and personal. Could not have been better.” Mark Crampton-Smith, College & County
  • “Most informative and helpful Time Management presentation that I have seen in a long time.” David Elliot, The Frost Partnership
  • “Love the accountability personal action summary. Enjoyed personal plan presentation.” Glynn Trott, Pinnacle Lettings
  • “Great content and open group discussion with good quality business owners.” Karl Judd, Ashtons
  • “An excellent day, very valuable.” Steve Harvey, Oasis Estate Agents
  • “I really liked the new people I met; I like the feel and felt everyone was willing to help each other.” Jon Hudson, Hudsons
  • “An excellent presentation with fantastic meaningful content.” Georges Verdis, London Executive
  • “Great round the table discussion. The format with a quality speaker is a great idea.” Nigel Keene, White Knights
  • “Excellent as always. Great to learn from everyone’s ideas and experience.” Nathan Emerson, Pygott & Crone
  • “What a great ideas session to help my issues within my company.” Sarah Mains, Sarah Mains Residential
  • “Excellent. Fantastic & valuable training & idea’s session.” Bob Hay, Streets Ahead
  • “Good to be back! Love the exchange of ideas and energy between the members.” Gareth Ashington, Ashington Page
  • “Very informative and social interaction with members was excellent due to sharing of personal action summary.” Neil Moore, Guy Leonard & Co
  • “I am really pleased I joined the group as the high level of discussion and ‘brain food’ is certainly worth the subscription fee.” David Westgate, Andrews
  • “They are always great sessions and more importantly, I get usable ideas to put into practice.” Tony Robinson, Robinson Jackson
  • “It’s great to get stuck into the nitty-gritty of the issues facing our businesses and the speakers are enlightening.” Peter Loverdos, Romans
  • “The speakers’ presentations are very relevant to our issues and that’s always very beneficial for me.”  Frank Webster, Finders Keepers
  • “Helps me change the way I look at myself, my time, my business, everything!” Paul Broomham, Jones Robinson
  • “Amazing meetings with so many great ideas from the speakers matched by more gems from the Group members.” Mark Manning, Manning Stainton
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