We believe in inspiring individuals to fulfil their potential. We provide information, insight, ideas and inspiration to those in the Property Sector. We ensure you feel confident in the business decisions you make.

The property Academy now has three tiers of membership – watch our video and then find out more about the membership tiers below:


Brand New Property Academy Membership

In 2016, Property Academy will be running a membership programme for Managers, Directors and Business Owners who are looking to grow their profits and develop their skill set.



Mastermind Membership

You don’t have to be lonely in business any more. This is the non-executive board you have always been looking for.

As a Mastermind Group Member you will meet with forward thinking business owners six times a year to discuss the challenges you face and sanity check the decisions and ideas you are considering. In addition, every meeting will have an expert business speaker covering a wide range of topics from customer service to lead generation. Members have reported a 10% increase in profits since becoming a member. Can you afford not to be? Contact us today to find out if Mastermind is for you.



Summit Membership

The Group will comprise 10 members, all EA owners that don’t compete. The desired result is to set each member on a course to double their profits and business value.


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