“Tis the season to be jolly” (or steal a march on your competition)

I believe it’s really important to have regular breaks from work and my whole team will have the best part of 2 weeks holiday at the end of December and beginning of January. Having said that, there are still five weeks till Christmas – 10% of the year – and yet I’m already hearing people talk themselves into holiday mode and beginning the slow down to the end of the year!


Now is the time to not only finish the year well but to get set for your best year yet in 2016.

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Thank every one of your clients for their business this year. Send a personal note, or better make a call to just say thank you. This is not what most people do and you will stand out as a consequence and dramatically increase the chances of winning their business again in the future and being recommended in the meantime.
  2. Review every client who you’re currently working with. What do you and they need to do to ensure there’s an improved position in the new year? Imagine they were a brand new client what could you do to really wow them?
  3. Get ahead of the game with your prospecting. Have 20 appointment slots to sell in the first two weeks of the new year and go back over all the opportunities that haven’t converted this year and get meetings with these people scheduled.
  4. Review your team. Use www.ebi (what worked well, even better if) to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Make sure the good ones know know how much you value them and take action with the poor performers – help them with a plan to improve or help them move on.
  5. Critique yourself. Also use www.ebi. What will you start doing, stop doing and do differently next year? Identify the coaching and development you need – you might find it here.

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