What was your last experiment?


It’s great to meet owners of startup businesses, their enthusiasm is off the charts and it’s infectious. By contrast, all too often, those running mature companies can seem disillusioned, tired even bored by their business.

The same can also be true of employees in new roles versus those who’ve been doing the same job for years. To capture that startup/new role feeling the key is to experiment more.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself and of your company:

  1. What conventions can we challenge?
  2. Which group of people are not our customers – and what could we do to win them?
  3. What are the successful things we do that are stopping us pioneering new ideas?
  4. What stupid rule would we most like to break and kill?
  5. What assumptions do we hold dear? What might be the opposite views?

It’s these sorts of questions that create opportunities to experiment with new models, ideas and concepts. I’m not suggesting you throw out everything that’s working well, that would be ridiculous, but I am advocating experimenting much more frequently – to consciously return to the mindset of the startup or new recruit.



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