Successful and Happy?

Successful and Happy?

Pete Wilkinson, author of “Unstoppable” and one of our top speakers shared a simple yet powerful model with one of our Groups. He asked two questions:

  1. Are you successful? (All of our members answered that they were which is fair given that most are significantly outperforming the industry average). Pete then asked,
  2. But are you happy? (For some there was an uncomfortable pause).

The reality is that Successful People can be unhappy, indeed quite a few are as they are rarely if ever satisfied. Pete showed us why this is.

Successful yet unhappy people measure where they are compared to where they wish to be, their ideal. Whereas those who are both successful and happy measure from where they started to where they are now, keeping an eye on the ideal of course but allowing themselves the satisfaction of seeing the progress made.

I must confess that this gave me a wake up call as I’ve too often not taken stock of progress and just relentlessly pushed on. However, having adopted this change of attitude I am already feeling much happier than I have in a long time.

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