The People Loop

Having worked with some amazing companies over the years, I’ve created a simple model/loop that summaries my view of the best approach to developing talent.


It works like this:

  1.  Start with profiling the role(s) you wish to recruit for by assessing the characteristics, attitudes, behaviours, skills and experience necessary – one way this can be done is to properly profile your existing very best people in each role.
  2. Recruit with as wide a net as possible. Get clear about the “must have’s” but then look beyond the current experience of candidates and see their potential.
  3. Put all suitable candidates through a rigorous, yet fun assessment process so they reveal their true personality and character. At this point reassess if they will be a good fit and if they are right for the required role(s).
  4. Make the first experience a truly memorable one. Allocate at least a week to “onboard” in the right way, making sure the values and culture of the company are completely understood and ingrained.
  5. Train, train, train. Give the new recruits the best possible chance to succeed in their new role with a training programme that forms the best habits.
  6. Reward and most importantly recognise their achievements – catch them doing things right.
  7. Develop their potential through a personal and individual programme. Help them see a better version of themselves and show them possibilities of how they can achieve it.
  8. Review their progress. Identify opportunities for their improvement and for the People Process to be improved. Feedback the insights into the profile(s) for the role(s).
  9. “Rinse and repeat.”

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