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Some years ago, I went to see my Mum at her home in Sussex.

The previous time I’d visited, she complained that her hearing wasn’t as good as it used to be, (albeit it still works remarkably well some years later if I say the wrong thing!), so when my car crunched over her gravel drive and she didn’t turnaround from kneeling to weed a flowerbed with her back to me, I thought “crikey, her hearing really is getting bad.”

This thought expanded as I got out of the car and shouted, “Hi Mum” and still she didn’t move. As I walked towards her, I saw two white wires hanging from her ears, and whilst I was relieved at the explanation of her “deafness”, I was struck by the thought: “What would Steve Jobs have made of this scene?”

You see, I very much doubt that when the team at Apple designed the first iPod, or any subsequent derivative, they had in mind a keen British gardener in her 70’s listening to “Gardeners’ Question Time”. Indeed, this has never been a demographic Apple choose to pursue – but it doesn’t stop someone outside their target audience using their products.

Most businesses tend to cater for everyone and anyone, and hence appeal to very few or no one.

Much better to narrow your target audience to the smallest viable, and communicate with them in their way, in their space, at their pace and time.

Doing so doesn’t stop others from engaging with your brand, but it will make it more relevant and appealing to the chosen ones.

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