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What’s your reason?

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Here’s a selection of reasons I’ve heard as to why people missed their goals this year:

  • War in Ukraine
  • War in Palestine/Israel
  • Aftermath of Truss mini-budget
  • Lingering effects of Brexit
  • Cost of living (“crisis”)
  • Energy prices
  • House prices
  • Inflation
  • Politics (instability, incompetence, etc.)
  • “Crazy” competitor tactics
  • Supply chain holdups
  • Lack of talent

(Please feel free to add any of your own)

But if you missed your target, then might this list of excuses miss out the biggest reason of all?


  • You set the target incorrectly
  • You didn’t react to the market changes
  • Your proposition hasn’t evolved to take into account the changes of the last year/s
  • You’ve not addressed your failing systems
  • You’ve allowed mediocrity to prevail, and not dealt with the underperformers
  • You’ve been distracted, or perhaps have hoped for an easier life after the stresses of the Covid period
  • Your marketing is lacklustre
  • You’re not creating enough opportunities
  • You’ve not invested in automation, and your costs are out of control
  • Your service levels have fallen below the market leaders
  • You’ve not communicated effectively
  • Your leadership has been lacking

(Please feel free to add any of your own)

I’m not saying it was easy last year. Nor am I saying that it’s necessarily any one persons fault, but what I observe too often is how some people seek to find any reason other than themselves.

This isn’t the case with the majority of Property Academy members who did achieve their goals this year, and are now setting even more ambitious and exciting targets for 2024.

They had to deal with the same set of circumstances as everyone else, but the difference is that rather than play the blame game they took responsibility for the things that matter, they controlled the controllables, and they opened their minds to new possibilities…

and so can YOU

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