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Jazzing things up.

Dave Brubeck Quartet

Leading a business is often compared to being the conductor of an orchestra.

You need to be one step ahead all the time, making sure that every part of the organisation knows what to do, when, and how.

Whilst this analogy has been helpful, I feel it’s outdated for many companies – and offer an alternative for the current times.

The days when many systems and processes could be a straight “rinse and repeat” have long gone.

Customers demand to be treated individually, and even segmentation into groups is often not enough, we’re in a period where sometimes it’s an audience of one that we need to appeal and deliver to.

It’s why I think that a jazz quartet is a more helpful metaphor to consider.

Each member is a specialist, but they combine as they each feel is appropriate, albeit with a plan and a desired result, but adopting a fluid, poetic approach that encourages improvisation.

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