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Superman & Lisbeth Salander.

Four i 499 Superman&LisbethSalander

What do the following all have in common?

Anne Shirley
Carrie Willow
David Copperfield
Estella Havisham
Frodo Baggins
Gideon Smeed
Han Solo
James Bond
Klaus Baudelaire
Lisbeth Salander
Mary Lennox
Nell Trent
Oliver Twist
Pippi Longstocking
Tom Hagan
Violet Baudelaire
Yuri Zhivago

And also:

Cate Blanchett
Ella Fitzgerald
Ferdinand Magellan
Gianni Agnelli
Howard Hughes
Issac Newton
John Lennon
Kelly Preston
Louis Armstrong
Nelson Mandela
Oliver Hardy
Peter the Great
Steve Jobs
Tina Turner
Vidal Sassoon
William Wordsworth
Malcolm X
Zhu Rongi

We found out last week, when one of our Leadership Groups visited the Foundling Museum: they are/were all foundlings (fostered, adopted, orphaned, or a ward).

Some of the strongest and most memorable people from all corners of the world, as well as many of the most loved fictional characters of all time, had a tough start to life.

This got me thinking, (and not for the first time), about nature v nurture, fortune v adversity, and perhaps most of all, the extent to which luck plays a part in our lives.

And then I heard this quote: “The harder I work, the easier it is for luck to find me.”

My sense is that regardless of the start in life, the common denominator for success in any/every field, is hard work – properly hard work.

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