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Thriving in Uncertainty.

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We asked twenty of the very best estate agents in the country what actions they were currently taking in this period of uncertainty.

The topics covered include business generation, marketing communications, cash flow management, KPIs, AI, automation, innovation, people and much more.

Their answers have been collated and will be published in time for EA Masters on November 7th, and to whet your appetite here’s a few extracts:

“With budgets set in December 2022, these needed considerable adjustment by mid-year so we switched the focus to shorter-term incentives for all team members, and for senior managers, a revised target was set for the remainder of the year.”
Tony Robinson, Robinson & Jackson Group

“We make sure our team has world class education, resources that help them reduce repetitive tasks. so they can focus on relationship building. Importantly, we believe in picking up the phone – magic doesn’t happen over email.”
Spencer Lawrence, Paramount Properties

“In good times we all tend to forget about cost. I guarantee most businesses can save a healthy five figure number, maybe even six figures, just by reviewing every cost being incurred. Start with those above £10,000 and then look at those above £1,000 – you’ll be amazed how much they add up to.”
Karl Judd, Ashtons

“As far as humanly possible, we are automating processes without losing the personal touch. We have Reapit, Fixflo and Goodlord integration; we also utilise Blockman with Fixflo, ChatGPT, Midjourney and Propcall, plus Canva for design work and Moneypenny LiveChat.”
Samantha Hossack, tlc London

“We have many initiatives for business generation, one that’s working really well for us is paid social campaigns based on lookalike profiles of our database.”
James Du Pavey, James Du Pavey

“Some of the key things we’re now measuring include average upfront fee per listing, profit per full time employee, % of cost base that is fixed (doesn’t vary with income), % of cost base that’s variable (does vary with income).”
Ian Preston, Preston Baker

“More than ever, it’s about creating urgency and getting people viewing.”
Alexander Phillips, PPDRE Australia

“When people are feeling down because the market is tougher, it is natural to become less enthusiastic and more negative. It is therefore the leader’s job is to feed energy to the team.”
Peter Rollings, Foxtons

This is just a small selection from so many tips and ideas that are being successfully deployed across the country.

Everyone attending EA Masters will receive a personal copy of “Thriving in Uncertainty” – might I suggest it’s worth the ticket price on its own?

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