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The most valuable currency.

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I bet if you ask 10 people, whether you know them well or they’re just acquaintances or complete strangers, what they really want right now, they would all give the same answer: “more time”.

As you would too, right?

That’s because time is the most valuable currency of all.
So why don’t you make more of it?

Rather than telling customers how much more money you’ll help them to make, instead how much more time they’ll enjoy.

As opposed to offering ever higher salaries and bonuses, instead major on how working with you they’ll get more time off – and not just extra holidays but reduced hours as well.

Where possible, plan ahead so you can say to suppliers: “We don’t need this straight away, what difference will it make if we give you an extra month to deliver it?”

This switch from money to time being the biggest driver of all, has been building for many years, and now it’s without doubt the biggest motivator of all.

Make the most of it.

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