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Four i 484 Halftime

In many competitive sports, one team is usually looking forward to halftime more than another.

It’s an opportunity to take stock, impart observations, give feedback, and change things.
The same is true for business.
What will your team talk sound like?
Here are three options to consider.

1. If you’re on plan, then it can be tempting to simply keep things as they are.
However, many teams have lost in the second half as they haven’t picked up on the changes the opposition has made. For you, the opposition might be the market as well as your competitors – have you assessed the likely changes that could happen? What will ‘Plan B’ be if/when needed?

2. You’re behind.
If so, in business, the question to ask is “by how much?” and if within 10% then it’s possibly a case of tweaking a few things rather than completely changing everything. I always recommend starting any review with WWW (what’s worked well?) because rather than fixing problems, better performance can often result from just doing more of whatever’s already working well.

3. You’re behind by a long way.
First question – was the budget appropriate? I’ve seen far too many times a company change strategy in an attempt to achieve an unrealistic budget and as a consequence, screw up what was actually a business doing as well as it could. Remember, a budget is often a work of fiction.

If it is or isn’t the budget that’s at fault, the next thing to consider is what would be a realistic goal for the second half, and reset everything to that. What’s gone is gone, if you leave the original target in place and there’s no chance of it being achieved this will only reduce motivation further. Far better, to start again, even consider setting a 12 month goal made up of two halves from different years.

Sports fans know that a great halftime talk can change a game.

What will you be saying?

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