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Marketing v Sales.

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We welcomed the return of marketing genius Grant Leboff to two of our Leadership Group meetings this month and, as he’s done for a decade or more, we were all caused to be uncomfortable as our beliefs were challenged.

Right from the start he posed a great question:

“Is it a marketing challenge or a sales challenge?”

And when we all considered the one result that would make a significant difference to our respective businesses, and what we each needed to do to achieve it, the answer became very clear.

“Marketing is a brand to person communication.
Sales is a person to person communication.”

Which begs the next two questions:

“When does marketing start?
At what point does sales come in?”

Marketing starts much sooner than many people realise.

It’s not only your communications, but your operations too. They are a major part of your brand.

Sales is actually quite limited by comparison.

Of course, it still has a place, but increasingly, with less person to person contact, it’s marketing that needs to do the heavy lifting.

Indeed, the role of the hunter is dying, particularly in B2B.

To succeed, many businesses need to be marketing led rather than sales led.

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