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Past, Present or Future?

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In his excellent book, ‘Business Recoded’, longtime Property Academy speaker Peter Fisk asks a series of questions, (which I’ve added to and adapted), to cause you to note whether your focus is appropriate.

Note: These 10 questions might be an uncomfortable exercise for many people, so prepare to be concerned.

  1. Do you dare to look beyond the horizons of today?
  2. What proportion of time do you spend looking forwards, compared to looking back?
  3. Is your business purpose a limiting or liberating definition of why you exist?
  4. Does most of your innovation exploit the core, or seek to explore the edges?
  5. Is your business largely defined by your current products, existing customers, and existing competitors?
  6. Do you typically think more in terms of probabilities, or possibilities?
  7. Are performance metrics driven by what you have done, or by what you could do?
  8. Is your market value a reflection of what you could do, or what you have done?
  9. Do you have future leaders with the potential to unlock your future potential?
  10. To what extent do you limit or inspire future growth?

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