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Before anyone says: “It’s not healthy for many people”, “That’s poor advice for lots of folk”, “You’re not medically qualified” – I know.

I’m not reporting on my 2×70 hour fasts for medical reasons. Or even for fat loss, even though I’ve dropped 8.4kg in 7 weeks.

No, I want to share what I learned about myself – in the hope it might resonate and prompt some of you to consider some changes personally and professionally.

It all started when Paul, one of my best friends, decided a couple of years ago that he wanted to drop weight and then maintain a certain level.

He’s never been obese or anything close – indeed many his age would be delighted to be in his shape.

But with 7 Grandchildren, and having achieved a significant birthday milestone, he decided to review his lifestyle and take it to another level.

Hence he tried fasting, and a year later, having fasted for 70 hours once a month, he’s in such great shape – so I thought I’d give it a go. And the results are what I’d hoped for, but I also have three unexpected benefits.

1. Whilst it’s not easy to just drink water and black tea/coffee for three days, it’s nothing like as hard as I’d imagined.

There have been moments when I’ve been tested, but having resolved to do it, my willpower won against my cravings.

As I ticked off the hours, it actually became easier, indeed I’m writing this 67 hours in with three hours to go, and feel I could continue another day at least if I wanted to.

LESSON: Having a goal and a deadline to achieve it, really helps make it more achievable. And the cumulative gain outweighs the temptation to give up. I know from other experiences that this applies to business as well as personally.

2. People can be divided into two categories. Those who encourage and those who plant doubt. Both are well intended, but comments such as “Are you sure about this, won’t it be better to do something else?” are best avoided.

LESSON: Do you listen more to the “can do’s” or the “can’ts”? In all walks of life, there are those who ask “how can we make this happen” and those who seek to find reasons why it shouldn’t. What’s the balance in your tribe?

3. As the fast progressed, I found myself thinking about other things I could do, but either put off or find excuses for. I realised that most challenges are to do with mindset rather than the obstacles themselves.

LESSON: Achieving one goal makes it easier to conceive and believe in achieving others.

Instead of a fast it might be running a long distance, reading a set amount of books in a month, or some other challenge that will in itself be valuable to you, and have the additional dividend of setting you up to achieve even more.

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