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You’re not reading this.

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It’s highly likely that a significant number of the 6,487 subscribers to four-i won’t read this.

So I could get upset that the email we take time to write, craft, produce and send out every Monday at 7am, (week in, week out, for almost a decade now), will end up in junk or people will just delete it as they’re too busy.

And I know, because dozens have told me, that people have a special folder for four-i, which they like to visit every so often – but how often? (If you’re one of these lovely people, are you reading this?)

So why do we bother?

Because if just one person finds this helpful today then that’s good, (obviously, if several hundred find it valuable that’s even better).

You see we’re not in the numbers game – and I suspect nor are you – and yet, all too often, the metrics we judge ourselves by are based on the idea that more is better.

When actually, very often, one is enough.

Most communications, (including yours I’m sorry to say), fall on deaf ears. And blind eyes.

It’s horrendous that the hundreds of hours spent crafting copy, changing a word here and there, debating the merits of one image over another, mostly count for nowt.

It’s appalling that the time you spent filming a video, editing and posting to social media, is scrolled past without more than a cursory glance.

I suspect many people don’t review their website analytics, as the bounce rates and numbers of sub-10 seconds spent on the site are just too painful to contemplate after all the hard work that was invested.

But here’s the thing.

You are reading this, and others will be too.

The same is true for all your communications.

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