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Stuck in a role.

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One of the hardest things for many successful people, who wish to be outstanding leaders, is to give up what made them successful in the first place.

A great salesperson loves to sell.

Financial wizards love to get deep into the spreadsheet.

The best customer service folk adore customers.

I recently shared an analogy with a member of Property Academy, who was being held back by clinging to his previous role.

He wrote to me afterwards to say it was really helpful – on that basis, let me share it here.

Many of us started out as performers… we did the job… in the film industry we would be actors.

Some stick at doing this, but those who seek more, the next step is to become a director – no longer centre stage, but controlling who and what goes on there.

From this point, the next role is to become a producer, the person who oversees production and post-production.

Executive producers are at the pinnacle of their profession. They raise the finance, sell an idea to a studio and perhaps recruit the marquee actor or director.

Cameos aside, the best directors tend not to act. The best producers select the best directors and actors, and then largely let them get on with doing what they do best. The executive producers understand their job is mainly financial and networking.

In business, too many executive producers, producers and directors still wish to tread the boards. This is rarely helpful, indeed is often undermining, resulting in a poorer performance all round.

As you move up, leave your old role behind.

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